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    • By teenflight
      My first review right getting the kite out of the bag was surprised how compact this kite folded down to compared to my old flexi fusions.

      The build quality seems excellent and the colours are wicked.

      Pumping the kite up freaked me out the first time thought i had a puncture but it was the octopus system releasing air into the struts. This was the one thing i was worried about but now i love it.

      I initially set the kite up using the Naish double depower system, it took 5 mins to set up no adjustments were needed.
      launching the kite i found the bar pressure light but very direct, the kite really held well at the edge of the window and built its power through the turns. the depower was brilliant and the double depower system allows you to ditch the power through the gusts which just ran straight through the kite it just steady there as it was fixed to the sky.

      My first session on the water i was very overpowered unable to hold down my mates 12m atom decided to give the raven a shot and was surprised how much power i could hold. pushing through the double depower system just and inch still allowed the kite to fly well but gave me amazing depower this allowed me to load up for my first jump. WOW if i hadn't been wearing a wetsuit there would of been some logs floating around in the sea the hangtime is what scared me never before have i stayed in the air for that long. landings were easy the kite held its shape really well. the kite also is wicked for a bit of wave riding i have not yet been able to test the relaunch as it hasn't hit the water properly yet.

      Anyway hope this helped
      By : teenflight
    • By DanKiteMan
      So this kite i bought after trying, and failing, to combine my Beamer 3.6 and my landboard. Much searching around online left me with two choices as eventually I want to get into kitesurfing. I looked at the Best Bularoo and the Boxer but what made the deciding factor in the end was the price, being in America at the time i paid $400 for this kite, 200 quid with the exchange rate at that time which i thought was a bargain, it was second hand from realkiteboarding.com. I bought the SLE control system to go with it which was another $100.

      After flying my Beamer 3.6 for about a year i felt confident enough to move into depower, a bold move and looking back I didn't know what i was getting myself into. Teaching myself i had a few tumbles, a few wrist injuries but a lot of smiles This kite is marketed as an all terrain kite with a massive wind range, Ive flown in all different types of conditions and this holds to be true. The kite is a dream to fly, loves swooping turns provided there is 13+mph of wind and powers up beautifully. I don't know whether its because of the control system or the kite but the combination makes it very easy to rake in the power or hold it steady. This makes it great for static jumps and you can swing all over the place with nice floaty landings.

      Set up is fairly easy, ive not had any experience setting up other LEI's but basically you close all the valves on the struts and inflate from one point on the leading edge. Once the edge has reached a certain psi it lets its air into the struts and you keep pumping till the thing is firm. Has two knots on the brake lines at the kite end for different set ups as well as a range of different knots at the bar end for 2:1 power, 1:1 power, strong winds light winds etc etc. Haven't really fiddled around with these much i just found one i liked and stuck with it.

      Mostly i use this kite for Landboarding which i am becoming increasingly better at with each session. Can't really add much here as i haven't used many other kites for boarding but it is a hell of a lot better than my beamer. I can go upwind with ease and its a lot easier to maintain tension in the lines. When i have enough space i can just lean back and cruise with the kite, it feels very stable and absorbs gusts when your moving along.

      As for downsides to this kite this has to be the overfly at the zenith; as with all LEI's if you fly inland and/or in gusty conditions the kite will tend to overfly at the zenith which can be dangerous. I run backwards to try and get tension in the lines again but invariably it crashes to the ground and i cringe hoping the bladders won't burst. A few times the kite has almost landed on me which would probably hurt. To remedy this i try to only fly in constant wind conditions or avoid getting the kite too high in the sky which does the trick. A lot of the earlier problems i had with the kite got ironed out as i got better so maybe this will too.

      Lastly a word about the relaunch, this was something that took a lot of getting used to, again more experience with other kites would help but at times it seems very difficult. Basically if im in winds above 15mph just yank on a line and it spins around like a crazy dog taking off at the edge of the window. Below 15mph and its a right arse ache, the kite has a few grass stains where ive run backwards getting it to spin onto the trailing edge and a take off position.

      All in all I am very happy with this kite, it sets up real easy and flies like a dream. It was cheap and does all the things i want it to do. In retrospect i could have tried harder to find other kiters and have a go on other kites first but what the hell, i threw myself in at the deep end and had a great time doing it. Any questions or comments much appreciated.

      One last word, I say i taught myself but after every session i was on here asking questions and reading through posts and the answers i received helped a million. Thanks to anyone who replied to my posts!
      By : DanKiteMan
    • By SteveBear
      The Package
      - Naish Shockwave SLE 12m
      - Shockwave Pulley Bar
      - Kite Bag
      - Bar Bag
      - Pump
      - Instructions
      - Accessories kit (Sticker, Strop, Repair Kit, and repair tape)
      This is a good overall package; the bags and pump are of high quality. The bag has 2 large pockets, and a section on each side to hold the pump and the bar, with large mesh vents to allow sand and water to drain out. There are also straps to hold your kite board in place. The only issue with the bag is there are no extra expansion capabilities to allow you to transport the kite with the spars inflated.
      Build Quality
      The kite is well built with some nice touches such as reinforced wing tips and bumpers on the main bladder. So far it's stood up to inland self launching, crashing on its bladder and being dragged around a field. The only signs of wear are tear are a few grass stains.
      Pulley Bar
      This can take a little getting used to and I find the bar pressure quite high. The good thing is there is plenty of room for adjustment, the bar has 3 possible settings and it is possible to switch from the pulley system which is 2:1 to a 1:1 system. This is a little fiddly but has been improved on the 2007 version. The bar has extensions to help set the trimmer strap, the strap it self is protected by a neoprene sleeve. Personally I find the power trimming system fiddly and it's hard to tell how it's set without being able to see the strap.
      Safety System
      The kite has 2 safety systems; the first is a push out bar system that uses a stopper. Pushing the bar past the stopper de-powers the kite 100% but still allows it to fly. This system works well and is well used. Unfortunately this has taken its toll, I have found that in really strong winds the bar pressure can release the stopper if hit by a gust. The stopper is very small and hard to re-set with cold or wet hands. There is also a chicken loop safety which is a grab and push away system. This works very well and requires minimal pressure to activate. The only down side is the kite does not come with a leash as default.
      If you're unfamiliar with LEI kites the setup is easy thanks to detailed instructions, colour coded lines and idiot proof connectors. The instructions cover all setup options including the bar. The instructions do lack information about parking the kite on the beach and launching instructions. But the kite is aimed at experienced flyers so these are probably not needed by the target audience.
      Launching and Landing
      In good winds self launching on land is pretty simple once you get the knack but assisted launch is always recommended. Water re-launch is pretty good, and probably slightly better than a C kite. Self landing is very tricky and it's always advised to get help.
      Flying Characteristics
      The kite is aimed at wave riding, but I use it for kite surfing, buggying and land boarding. It's a very fast kite and has a tendency to want to kite loop if steered really hard. It has great pop and float for jumping and the 100% de-power works great. Inland it handles gust well but will become unsettled it there is a lull. Its probably one of the best kites I have flown for upwind. The only complaint I have is the bar pressure is very high; this is noticeable once you start to try stuff like grabs.
      There are a few small issues such as the stopper popping in high winds or gust and the bar pressure. But overall this is a great kite that stands up to abuse of inland flying very well.
      By : Steve(Bear)
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