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Landboard Newbie


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Hi All,

New to land boarding and after some advice on gear.  After lots of reading between the cons and pros of FB Vs Depower, I think I’d like to go down the depower route long term.  Do you have some recommendations on kites I should look at, and also some recommendations on control bars? 

I'm Tassie based, have access to both beach and inland and weigh around 100kgs. I’d like to work upto being able to jump and trick when more experienced.  I will also be putting tine in on a trainer kite as well.

Thanks in advance for the info.



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Look open cell depower kites. Probably around the 8m mark to start with.

kites like the ozone access are ideal.

try to buy a kite that come with the original bar. A lot of the land based kites have different safety systems then water based kites.

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