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What's your oldest kite that you still fly?


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PL Phantom 1 FTW! On land board mainly (speeds/souls on water). Though more and more I reach for my 12m speed 5 instead. But definitely something to be said for that Phantom spongy goodness in crappy wind :D 

I'm sure folks here are on older arcs or farcs...

What's yours Joel?

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22 hours ago, andy666 said:

Now where is @nigel with his old c-quads 😂

They are nice and warm in their big round bag. From 1.4m to 8.5m, a big quiver should I need it.

Tend to use either ARC's or foils these days.

BUT, their is one little kite that gets a run every now and then, the old Mark one 1.8m Beamer!!

The kite I was told, was not designed to be used in a buggy.

It's so soft and floppy, hours of use in silly winds. It just keeps flying!!   

It folds it's self up when you land it, even when your not finished flying!

You should see @Jason cringe when I pull this kite out.

There is a two string arrow head shaped stunter from 1988 (my first kite) in my kite quiver, got a run with Alex last time out.

And there is a 2.5m (3.6m wing span) Peel from 1998, that I have kept. 

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