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Best depower kite to start with


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Hi fellow buggy freaks,


sorry for asking a typical question from a die hard peter lynn vapor2 user: but what would be a good depower kite to start the depower adventure?

i was thinking, it should be open cell, as i frequently go alone, so i need to be able to start and land on my own?

i was thinking, a kite with a moderate aspect ratio? Although, will this disappoint me, as the speed will be lower compared to the vapor kites ?

so, i ended up with the PL lynx? or Leopard? 

please advice, looking forward to your massive feedback :)








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If you're used to throwing around vapors, you should just go straight for a decent closed cell like a soul/speed/chrono imho. Spend some time on a beach or grass where you won't kill it to get used to it (not sure where you ride). They are landable by walking up the lines, or just ejecting in higher winds. But there is something to be said for the reride systems on some of the single surface and ozone kites. Kite ski with a friend that has a FS Peak 4 and was jealous of how quickly he could put that thing up and down. Way less jealous when I could easily smoke him going up wind and speed runs. So in that respect, you would probably be disappointed. Some of the higher aspect kites like FS sonics are way harder to handle, I wouldn't recommend as first DP kite, but I'm sure you'll build up to them quickly.


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On 8/31/2021 at 5:39 PM, WIE110 said:

sorry for asking a typical question from a die hard peter lynn vapor2 user: but what would be a good depower kite to start the depower adventure?

If you're used to handling Vapors anything mid-aspect is going to frustrate you as it drifts back in the window early at speed.

Chrono/Speed/Aurora, either one is dialed back enough for you to get used to in a light wind. With your experience on Vapors I'd bet a few months before you go looking for R1's/Sonics/Diablos etc so try and avoid spending too much on that first depower. 

@Chook went from Vapors to Depowers, he'd probably be better at answering this question than me.  

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Yes Vapors need a gentle touch to get the best out of them. I loved them and still have 4 of them.


I really hesitated to fly my 7m Ozone R1 I bought for a start but once I gave it a go I was hooked after the first 10 minutes. Thanks @gannet your a great coach.

The depower is still sensitive to fly well, but the depower made it so much safer for this old fella. 

Being able to let off any power in the turn instantly was a refreshing change.

They still high speed stall like a vapor if your rough, but I'm sure you will enjoy a race kite. 

Long Beach at Kingston South East in South Australia. 


I also had an 8mtr Ozone Access which I tried but it was so sedate after flying the Vapors I sold it along with an Access 6. They were just no thrill and no upwind like a depower race kite. 

You wont be dissapointed jumping straight into a depower race kite at all. It didnt take me long to aquire a quiver of R1's.  7, 11, 13, 15 and I have an 18 ELF Joker 7.  Also have a Chrono 18 and a 15 Chrono2 but love the R1's more for pure speed.

Long Beach in Kingston SE, South Australia.

Hope this helps, Cheers Chook  

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Yes I mainly kite buggy by myself. I use the Ozone 4 line race bar and when you release the chicken loop the bar slides up a single power line.

I fly as low to the ground as possible and then release. Best to get someone to wrap their arms around the bottom 1/3 of the kite to land you to avoid this. Dont grab a tip of a race foil as the internal reinforcing straps dont go all the way to the last few cells on each side and can tear easily. 

I have to be honest sometimes the lines and bridle does get really tangled in strong winds as it flaps about while I'm getting to the kite it to sand it down. 

I have the original Ozone R1's and they are MUCH more robust than the series 2's,3's or 4's. The material is much stronger on the originals and it's great, as they will wear on the front leading edges where the plastic profile retainers are inserted at the front of the ribs, if used on sharp salt, clay or shells.

I also have an 8m R1 Version 2 and it's a much more delicate/thinner material (but much lighter) thats easily prone to ripping, or cells ripping through the air holes if it hits the ground badly. I bought it cheaply damaged and it was an increadible amount of work to repair it.

Never flown an PL Aero so cant compare their performance. 

You wont be disapointed with depower!  ;)



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