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Kite Brands that No Longer Exist?


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Shame that it's now out of business. I own both the 7m and 8m Genetrix Hydra and also a 9m that was stolen out the back of my trailer. The bar pressure is too high for most it seems but it is a beautifully stable kite. Built for extreme high wind, it was almost completely flat in flight thanks to its unique bridle support system that connects straight to the struts! It has an insane depower range and was perhaps the only tube kite that could safely be hot launched. It was the first kite to break both the 50 and 55 knot kiteboarding speed record at Luderitz and I was fortunate enough to take the UK buggy speed record back in 2019 using the 7m.



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On 8/5/2021 at 10:24 PM, jeffnyc said:

Gin is still around, unless there's something I didn't hear: https://ginkites.com/en/

I was going to say Flexifoil, but looks like they're still hanging in there: https://www.flexifoil.com

Rough business to be in.


Thats not the original GIN I'm afraid.

GIN Gliders is a South Korean company famous for their paraglider range and pilots. https://www.gingliders.com/en/

They made a range of kites in the early 2000's which were very popular due to their quality and stability.  I had so much fun with them but sadly sold them all when the power kiting here in N. Ireland became an attitude rather than a hobby.

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Jojowing still make parachutes, but they long ago stopped making kites: http://www.old.jojowing.com/powerkiting/products.php

Very kind of them to leave the old site up, though!

I thought Elliot would have gone the way of the dodo, but no, they're still producing kites while far better-known brands have fallen by the wayside...


Does anyone remember the name of those cheap, patchily manufactured, but-when-you-got-a-good-un-it-was-good kites with the zebra stripes and red pattern? They only ever came in that design. Popular around 2010 maybe.



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