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Peter Lynn F-Arc 1830


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On 7/6/2017 at 8:13 PM, andy666 said:

I have heaps of material left over from making two 1830 kites. More then you would get from just this kite and if you had just asked me politely

Hmmm should I hit Andy up for some material to make that bright yellow ripstop man bag I have always wanted :D 

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Hey. Back onshore. Not internut on the rig. See you still haven't sold the F-arc ing obtuse kite. I have checked out your other build though. Nice job!  Not many of us that build kites from scratch any more. 

I can buy the best on the market and build a pig of a kite. Get a whole lot more satisfaction making the pig into an angel than buying it. 

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  • 11 months later...

Hi, let me join this conversation though I dont know if anyone will read this...

Few months ago I bought this kite from Andy. As many of us may have experienced there is a lot of deceit between human creatures all over the world. But nevertheless I never stopped trusting and so I trusted Andy. He sent me this kite from Australia to Germany and the only ones who treid to fck me were those from the customs.

F-Arcs have become something like a kite religion for me and the version Andy made out of 2 16 m kites is the best F-Arc EVER. One evening on the beach there was not enough wind to inflate that kite so I pumped it up with a plastic bag in which I caught air and then held it into the opening at the trailing edge to press it in.
Running a bit backwards the kite began to fly in the last moving air. Running around and flying a 360. When the kite was in the centre of the wind window I jumped into my buggy and started the ride. As it happens to F-Arcs the wind caused by being in motion was added and the pull got stronger.
Flysurfer kites falling down and passing them with that yellow thing moving the buggy.

Sorry for you all. I do understand people who dont trust. But you really missed a fracking good kite.

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Hey guys. Miss me? 😙

Just catching up with posts at EK. I wanted to say I am wrapped Andy got it sold and of to a good home. I take my hat off to you @andy666, for making this kite and all the years passed since your first ad post. I wish I had the time to make something like this, and the skill. For me personally, I still have two PL Venom II kites I wouldn't mind flying stacked-style one day.


I've had an eye operation (retinal tear and detachment) this year so my kiting days have been reduced significantly, but I am still able to go out occasionally*. Doctors said, no jumping! Damn! Double damn! So mowing the lawn it is. Or foiling - when I can afford proper equipment.

Glad I've kept my foil kites though (thank you DaveFoils, and others!) and will continue to use them until I give them away when I am old and decrepit I guess. Any young-guns here want to get into foils, send me a PM.

So for now, I just fly a trainer kite with my son, do kite repairs occasionally and for Marvin as well (yeah - we've made peace 😂) and go to work on weekends at home building a granny flat, plus try and run two part-time businesses.

Glad some old hats are still here. ;) Still meeting up at Yeppoon? Anyway drinks on me all round, if we ever meet.

Take care

* with wifey approval I might add! hmmph

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