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    • By igeighty
      Sandy Point Victoria. 
      Anyone want to come to Sandy Point this weekend coming. Low tide is 1.05 pm @0.5 m and this far out wind says Southwest @> 20knts.
      @Clive @IMK @jhn.holgate @OBEwan @Mik333 @bakersdozen @The Duke @Hatman @Sheldon71 @.Joel @nigel @roblukin and anyone else who is keen. come on down. 
      keep an eye on the winds.
      i am aiming for 10am at the shops.
    • By Mez
      Another meet up for the Victorian Blokart Association at Waratah Bay on Saturday 5th September. 
      Weather permitting, we will meet up at the boat ramp, opposite the kids playground on the main road heading to the Waratah Bay Caravan Park. 
      There will be opportunities to have a try, participate in a friendly race and if your bringing you kite and kit, a great opportunity to put it to the test, blokart v kite buggy. 
      After we've exhausted ourselves, we'll all catch up for a chat over a soft drink which can be purchased through VBA (all money goes towards funding a permanent home for the VBA members) 
      Heres hoping to a good day's weather.
      From Mez   
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