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WTB Nasa Star 4m

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Hi everyone - am enjoying learning the very basics of buggying with my vintage 3m Quadrifoil, but am starting to realise that it may have some limitations...

From what I've read and seen here (especially from @jhn.holgate) I'm thinking that a 4m Nasa Star (with a Z bridle so I can still just use my handles) might be the way to go.

Just thought I'd check if anyone out there has one they're not using before I pull the trigger on a new one? Open to any other suggestions people might have too! 


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I've got a 3.2m black and white NS2 which may suit.  It's the same as the one in the Dreams of Sand vid but just not the XK colors.  Not sure if I've rigged it with a z bridle but that's not too tricky to do.  I still think they're better on the bar - just bloody simple.  And I'm a big fan of just popping the trapeze loop onto the harness and taking a load off the arms.  With the 3.2m, you'd lose a couple of knots on the low end but gain 'em back on the top end.  Can't beat them for gusty inland winds but performance is a little slower than a low aspect foil as everyone who has gone blasting past me will testify to :)


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22 hours ago, Tiger37 said:

I’m sure John would also speak highly of Born kites Longstar 2 :)

Absolutely!  Though the performance / speed / versatility is no doubt superior with the Longstar 2's, it comes at increased cost and complexity.  Same with the Flysurfer Peak 2.  Great kites for getting into depowers while maintaining a pretty gentle learning curve.

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