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Halloween Squall


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I know, the title sucks.

This is a short video.  Just me out riding while testing my new storm kite, a secondhand eBay special, a barely used 5m Cabrinha SwitchBlade.
I have been wanting one for years but they've always been too expensive new and I have never known them to come up for sale second-hand in this size, until now.

To be honest, this video is not worth watching expect maybe for the squall at the beginning which i found interesting.

No speed run this time as the wind died down after the squall to about 24 -27 knots with a cross-cross-on direction which meant I was buggying almost directly downwind at times with the kite underpowered and stalling. Top speed of the day 53 mph, footage not included because wet sand obscured lens. 😏

This new kite is to replace my 7m Hydra that i used to achieve a PB in August last year. ( wind 45 knots gusting 57 knots ).

So this 5m has a lot of potential. It is more efficient through the air to allow for an improved top speed by delaying the onset of being pulled downwind towards the end of the run, not to mention much safer in those high winds, but there is one small catch, it's probably all bullshit. It will not have the acceleration of a 7m and will therefore require more space on the beach which I do not have.  :D

I'm loving this new kite. She reminds me of her older brother, the Cabrinha Crossbow. That kite gave me my previous PB 9 years ago. The SwitchBlade like the xbow gives a lot of confidence for its tame nature and the bar pressure is much reduced when compared to the Genetrix Hydra which should help save my arms on multiple runs.

Now for this national lockdown here to end and the winter storms to begin.






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