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The Chase


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1 hour ago, .Joel said:

Loved the video, that perspective especially from out back is great.

What sort of speedometer is that?  Did you retrofit something off a car? :) 


Thanks Joel !

Haha, the speedometer is a GPS unit running off a 12v battery. It works great. I also stuck a funnel over the speedo as I thought it would provide some shade making it more readable in strong sunlight but the opposite was true, so I have since removed it. Here's a video of my first outing with it if you're interested.





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Yes, the dreamy vibe.That's the vibe I was getting too whilst editing so I just went with it. Before I start editing videos I first choose the music and then edit the footage around it, letting the video go its own way. There is never a plan. 😄 It's just the way it turns out. 

I used a gopro fusion, so two lenses, one either side of the camera. You may have noticed that one of the lenses is a bit cloudy in the video which probably contributed to the dream like feel. So the lenses are very easily damaged. Over the summer I bought the GoPro Max which comes with lens protectors. I haven't used it yet but hoping to soon.  :)

On 10/16/2020 at 3:32 AM, Angus Johnstone said:

Super cool! Now I've just gone back and watched Super Tracks 😱. Am yet to get a buggy, but you've really inspired me! 

That is great to hear. You flatter me. Would be great to see videos of your first attempt. I wish I had the foresight to video mine.

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