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Alternative to CKB or X-Shape Decks?

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7 hours ago, Bommi said:

Good evening

I am looking for a new light freestyle landboard deck. CKB and X-Shape are not producing anymore. Does anybody know another vendor?

Thanks for your answer :)


Hi Henrik, and welcome to Extreme Kites. Where are you from and what is your story?

Have you tried for anything suitable from Trampa? They have a small, but customisable, selection for kiteboard specific decks;


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Thanks, bakersdozen!! I am living in Thuringia, Germany (btw this is my homespot: Google Maps).

My Story is that I love kiting since I was a child.  Unfortunately I never got into kitelandboarding or kitesurfing or anything else that moves with a kite until last summer . Since then I spend almost every free minute between board and kite.

Now that I made some progress I want a lighter kitelandboard for the winterseason. At the moment I have a Next Redux which is really big and heavy. Guess it is 110cm long and weights arount 9kg. I really liked it in the past, expecially when shredding over the field. But now I feel that I need something more agile. I tried a Trampa Holypro 35° but it is not that much lighter than my Redux. I then tried a Trampa Holypro 15° and I really liked the overall weight but I find it too short and too speedwobbely. So i decided I will go with skate trucks but with a longer deck. I then looked for a longer deck and I found the X-Shape decks. They are longer but still much lighter than the Trampa decks. So I ordered a X-Shape deck and Trampa parts. I now got the Trampa parts but X-Shape let me know that they are not producing anymore. Now I have really nice trucks and wheels and no deck. I asked CKB and but the are out of business too. I also asked an CFK manufacturer which was mentiond in this forum but which name I forgot but they didnt answer my request yet....

Reading a little bit into this forum I am now considering a DIY board but before getting deeper into that I wanted to ask, if there is another alternative :).

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Thanks for sharing your story @Bommi ! Have you tried to reach out to Trampa and tell them what you are trying to achieve? Based on your weight and preferences, they may be able to customise a board for you ie. ply layers and drill patterns etc. The Holypro 35° you tried may have been a 17ply (maximum stiffness and weight), so it still may suit you in a lighter ply. Also to cut some weight off, you can trim the board down - there are heaps of posts on here about people doing that in the past. Failing that, you can always look into DIY - @plummet on here made his own carbon fibre board some years back.

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