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Guerilla 15 for kiteskate. It's possible?

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Good morning everyone. This is my Guerilla 15m, I have it for a long time and I still have fun with it. I managed to do a kite surf once with him, but he is a kite that despite having a good traction, it is very slow, with a lot of drag and very open curves, which is difficult for me to sail with my weight 100kg and winds from 10 to 12 knots. I would like to know if it is possible to use it for kiteskating or if it is too big. Where I live, the winds are very gusty, so in a moment I have a dragging force and in seconds it ends up disappearing. What is the ideal wind for me to start kiteskating with this kite?

The photo was a joke I played with him on my beach vacation. The place I live is in the interior of the country nd the only thing I have here is bush and land.



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Hi Renato - I know nothing about kiteskating dude but I love these old arcs.  Learnt my kitesurfing skills on these and these have got to be the most forgiving kites for learning new stuff on.

It's going to take a few mph to get this big guy in the sky and by that time this slow monster might be too much too handle as you need next to no power to skate.  If it was me I'd put my protection gear on and just give it a go.  Or go out a buy a cheap secondhand foil, they won't be as good a gust muncher as this big guy though.

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How are you at Skating? Hockey Stops in good order? Transitions?

I would start with a smaller kite that wouldn't pull too hard to start with.  By all means progress to a stronger kite as your skills develop.

P.P.E. would be a must! particularly while learning - Deeply padded knee guards, elbow guards, double-sided wrist guards and of course a light-weight but durable (multi-impact) helmet. (I use all of this stuff for roller derby).  Learn how to use the kite safety systems, and don't be afraid to bail out

Hope you post lots of videos of you enjoying your kite and skates


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