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How firm should the channel trucks be?

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Got myself a used Scrub fournance creek mountain board, tried it a couple of times and have a feeling that the springs had it. It's feels very (too) soft to tilt it for turning and I actually have to balance it to make it go straight. Also when its not loaded and press it on side, it stays tilted.


Is that normal or I should replace the springs and the "rubber barrels" as well?

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I've finally managed to get a pic. I think that the black rubber stuff is the eggs??


So I understand I can make it stiffer by tightening the through bolts? I'll probably take it apart to see how it works and then will try to adjust it somehow. If no luck ill get new set of springs/ eggs.


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Yeah black plastic inside the spring is the egg/ elastomer, doesn't look that bad, but I don't ride channels so it could be fooked and I'd say the same haha! Not sure if you can get stiffer springs? Always good to take em apart and clean it all up, give it some oil and be good as new

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Just an update...


Took the trucks apart, cleaned them, noticed the "plastic inserts" are a bit worn, but nothing major, put a bit of oil in it as well, moved the springs to the most outside position and MAINLY did not tight the bolts fully as that was causing the truck stuck tilted, tightened it fully and then released let's say half of the turn. Can't wait to try it over the weekend:)


Next step would be the orange eggs SonnyRider suggested. But I've got a feeling it will be good...


At least I've learnt that there is no adjustment to the springs other then moving them more apart or close to each other.


@SonnyRider: I'm heavy :) but the original problem was that the board would stay tilted even with no weight on...


Thank you all for the inputs!

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