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It Gets Fackin Worse !!!

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When we had to vote on the EU basically there was 3 questions to answer. Sovereignty (sp)

Immigration and Finance. Ish.


Today, I went to buy a new fish. Just a straight forward little cold water fish about 50mm max. FXXX me !!!! The questions were rediculous. Have you any other fish. Why do you want a fish. When did you realise you wanted a fish. How big is the tank. Where is the filter. Have you tested the water. What was the result. Can we have a water sample first ? Blah blah blah. I am now barred from all Pets at home.


FFS !!! Just sell me a fackin £1 fish.

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should just said it was for your tea!!


Ha, you don't mess with these guys. The first guy was about 16 yrs old. I didnt realise acne made youths so argumentative.

Maybe they did think I was gonna feed it to a cat or fish eating snake. FFS !!! The fish was about this big


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