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not on any of it -got a second hand 2006 phone , go on a couple of forums , I watch my 2 daughters who are attached to fack book constantly , and I really don't need any of it

I remember a time before face book when we didn't need to text everybody all the time


(plz imagine some slow calming music in the back ground) ,


as I think back to olden times when I did not know what ebay was-bugger but its handy tho and I have had many bargains off that , but the phone attached to the head thing passed me by , lol

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RIP Racekites.com, which was a lovely forum. People used to meet up on the weekends, camp out and drink next to the camp fire. That's all gone now. A


WTF ???? Its still there and used. Unfortunately, I did notice one of the RK regulars was advertising his latest FB forum drawing northern members away from RK.

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There isn't a specific FB page for landboarding, I think it's just that people fb friend eachother at local spots and you can post up if/when you going out, same as it used to be on here, unfortunately this forum got a bit stale and people went elsewhere, real shame as it was a giggle but FB is easier, and being lazy sods we like easier haha

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I've just started a page and group on FB called Fly & Board if anyone is interested in joining all are welcome! water, land, snow, sky! lol if ur kite is too big


Ah, well done you. Thanks for the info. If someone now posts then why don't you fXXX off to it you'de be surprised. You know what they can be like on here about FB.

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