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what is raw kite

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I was at the beach earlier today, no wind so tried out my new 4 wheel drive in the soft sand.

Yet again the wardens were not there, no cabins on site so free entrance! Again!

I wonder when they start charging? The sun was trying to poke through, the camp sites were bursting, and there were some dodgy family's taking a break on the beach with kids swimming in the sea, all for free!

This must be coming to an end very shortly.

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Hi welshafro, as above, Rawkite was develpoed to try to promote our sport a little more in this country. It's been running a couple of years now and seems to be growing. We could always do with more competitors, but it is a buggy and landboard event. I think there's quite a few kitesurf comps running throughout the year but only meets for landboard and buggy freestyle. If you check out https://www.facebook.com/RAWKite/?fref=photo to see the facebook page or RAWKite - for last years program of events. Hopefully we'll see some more new faces this year!

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