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Peter Lynn Buggy + Kite Package

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Get in to Kite Buggying TODAY with these Package Deals!
Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 2.5M Complete $495
Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy
+ Nasa Star3 4.0M Complete $545

Kite Buggying is fun, but it can also be expensive to get in to or opportunity to grab gear limited.  Here's a perfect starter's package for someone looking in to getting in to buggying on the cheap.  The package includes an excellent condition Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy and a brand new Nasa Star3 Kite complete with bar and wrist strap.

peter_lynn_mk1-kite-buggy.jpg nasa_star_3_-001.jpg

Progressive Options
Once you've gained confidence and control you can attach the Harness Loop to the Bar and hook right in with a harness.
You've got the bar and line setup already, adding additional kite sizes to your quiver is affordable.

Interested in purchasing? Send me a PM or email to Joel@ExtremeKites.Com.Au

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