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'vintage' snowkiting pics and video

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Thought I'd upload some old kiteskiing pics from 2001 and 2003. The earlier ones are with skis and handles, yet I determined that bars and snowboards made much more sense. Kites were PL 5.7 Waterfoil (very early days) and PL 1120 ARC (way ahead of its time). 

I have some accompanying video though I need to wait a week for Vimeo to reset my quota (free account :-) ).

Snowkiting is amazing, and Australia is the perfect place for it (undulating hills). From Scotts chair out to Mt McKay is my favorite spot. Close enough to be rescued (if needs be) yet far enough to enjoy the silence!








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Some awsome photos there @DrWind!  I used to have a small Arc630, that was both great as a kite and as a rain blanket when it started pouring :D 

Take a look here at some older kites, two of which you mentioned I managed to come across a couple of months back ( http://www.extremekites.com.au/blogs/entry/259-my-latest-mystery-box/ ).



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Thanks for the great old pics!

I started out on a PL ARC 840 in 2003. Terrifying. 13 years ago now, been exploring the mountains with a kite every season since and never looked back.
Australia's season may be short and the access not always easy but it has great mountains for snowkiting.

Here are some pics from the summit ridges of Feathertop and Bogong a couple of weeks ago:

..and top of Kos in the mid noughties:

..and an early season vid from last year:


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    • By RaceKites
      The Envy is brand new for 2010 and is designed as a Delta hybrid. It combines the popular delta shape with previous Liquid Force technologies to produce a ‘beyond delta kite that has alleviated all the previous problems that deltas suffer from. The Envy is designed to excel in all aspects of kitesurfing, it has huge continuous depower, the trusted USB bridle and Liquid Forces bomb proof build quality using the best materials available on the market, including Tejin ripstop for the canopy.

      After using and observing many kitesurfing kites over the years, the Envy is the best built I have seen, all the seams and joins are glued and triple stitched and the leading edge has triple layers of Dacron on crucial joints to avoid ripped stitching causing blow outs. There are also double layers of Dacron along the leading edge attaching the Tejin canopy giving maximum strength and durability as well as double layers of triple and glued stitching. The quality construction is also present on the rest of the kite: there is Dacron along the whole trailing edge, on the wingtips and strategically throughout the canopy for maximum strength and rigidity to reduce damage and make the kite solid, stable and responsive in the air. There is also Dacron concealed in all of the strut joins to further increase the resilience of the kite. All of the leading edge seams are protected with bumper strips to stop any wear of the stitching. When you look closely at all the graphic work you see all the attention to detail, there are small logos on the ends of the struts and the main graphic is reciprocated on the centre strut and as a shiny gloss design that catches the sun on the outer struts and ends of the leading edge, the kite looks great.

      I really like the main illustration graphic that is used on the Envy, it really fits with the kite’s fun personality. Having a Delta inspired shape the Envy is powerful for its size, I used a 10m and it was nearly as powerful and my 12m Hifi which itself is a very powerful kite. Although it is powerful it is very easy to manage due to is smooth, progressive and large depower. The Envy used Liquid Force’s diamond wingtips and USB 2.0 bridle to improve on the usual delta shaped design. Having the diamond wingtips gives the kite a less swept back shape which stops instability due to being nose heavy as well and making the kite less susceptible to the common centre tear as the whole leading edge impacts at once spreading the load. Other deltas hit down nose first then wingtips creating a massive deformation and causing huge tension in the trailing edge.

      The diamond wingtip also makes the wingtips wide producing a large lever and so fast turning. The USD 2.0 bridle gives the kites its smooth depower as well as supporting the whole leading edge allowing it to be thin so it can cut through the air making the kite fast through the air. The kite has a 3 strut lay out to reduce the weight, it is about 20% lighter than most SLEs and even in larger sizes it’s still solid and responsive due to the solid build, I thought it would be a little floppy but it is not at all. This weight loss is solely due to the removal of the 2 struts and so the overall construction has not suffered at all.
      The reduction is weight is really noticeable, much more than I thought it would be, the kite is extremely stable in very light winds and just won’t fall out of the sky, it just sits above you and drifts about, this is perfect for when you are starting out and keeping the kite at 12 a lot when trying to put the board on. Being light the kite climbs really fast and is very reactive, back stall is minimal, probably the least I have seen on any kite I’ve used, this also helps the kite drift really well. The other benefit of having just 3 struts means the kite is very quick to inflate and the struts are very thin making it even easier, this also reduces the kites profile through the air so adds to its speed and responsiveness. Giving the kite to a complete beginner can really test its stability and how easily it backstalls.

      I used the 10m in a lesson in around 10-12 knots, I really was amazed, it never backstalled and climbed up well even on the very edge of the window, another school had to give up because their 12m rebel would not stay in the sky. The re-launch is very easy due to its delta inspired shape, it comes up quickly and easily even in rough seas. At the end of the lesson I (70kg) did a few short runs and was able to stay upwind on a 140x43cm board, it was still only 10-12knots. A few days later I was able to test the kite properly myself, I usually don’t like flying bridled kites due to the mushy feel but I I found the kite to have a great feel, very direct and responsive, similar to my Hifi Comp it was great! The wind was about 15 knots so I test its unhooked performance, as you would expect from Liquid Force is was perfect, didn’t require any trimming, zero back stall and solid when popping against. As a 10m I thought it would be quite slow but it was really fun to use and much faster than I thought it would be, easily fast enough for kiteloops both hooked and unhooked, it loops really well, constant pull and comes up nicely., it turns around it wing tips like a C kite rather than spinning around its centre like other SLEs.
      Went and had a play on the waves and the kite worked so well, it just drifted with me as I carved up and down the wave. Smaller sizes will be awesome to chuck around in stronger winds and bigger waves, 6m should we amazing. After that I thought I should test its jumping, wow, I was surprised, most deltas are not really good at jumping but the Envy was brilliant due to thin profile giving it its fast air speed. Smaller sizes will be boosting and mega loop machines.
      Now for the bar system; this year Liquid Force have massively upgraded their bar to produce one of the best out there. The new release is massively improved and it is a push release and can be released with either hand from the back or the front of the bar and is really easy to re-set. The release is non mechanical and had not metal parts so it won’t corrode and releases even when filled with sand and grit it pops off easily. The new bar also has a below safety line to which you attach your leash, this runs up to one of the front lines so when the safety is released the kite is flagged out to give you 100% loss of power.

      The trimmer cleat is below the bar and he depower rope is now thinner allowing easier cleating and also a much smoother throw, it also made of a stainless alloy to stop any corrosion but can be replaced separately if it does wear or become blunt. The chicken loop is just like previous years being very large allowing very easy hooking in and out but it can be adjusted with the simple movement of 3 screws. There is also now a small piece of plastic on the top of the chicken loop which fits into the hole in the bar to align the loop to face you so you do not have to look down to hook back in. The donkey dick can easily be removed with just one screw for easy hooking in and out. Overall the kite has fantastic build quality; it is extremely stable, responsive and is great in all areas of kitesurfing.

      It is suitable for all levels: we are going to use it in our school but it is also used my many pros, Chris Burke is already using his and loving them, definitely go and have demo on one, they are fantastic, the best bridled kite I have ever used.
      Author : http://www.thekitesurfcentre.com
    • By mrtn44
      Having seen a few friends power kiting I decided to give it a go too. I did a bit of research on the internet and asked my friends what to go for. The advice was to buy the best quality kite I could get within my budget. I didn't want to spend too much in case I didn't like it or didn't really get in to it. I had a 4m in mind but was talked out of it and decided to go for the Flexifoil Sting 3.3. At £135 from powerkiteshop I think it was a bargain.

      This kite really is very well made and is so easy to set up. The lines are colour coded and the bridals are connected to a card which tells you which line is which. You really can't go wrong.

      The bag has plenty of room and is very well made. You could easily fit 2 of these kites in the bag and still have room for the handles, a ground stake, lines and a bottle of water.

      Before trying this out I had only ever flown single line kites or a small 0.8 M unbranded 2 line kite and i'd only flown that twice. So as you can imagine I was a little nervous about going for a bigger more complicated 4 line setup. I needn't have worried. The kite killers give you a lot of confidence as you know you can just let go and the kite will fall to the ground and you won't lose it. Having said that so far I've never needed to do that even in high winds and most of the time now I don't even use them as I find they get in the way a bit.

      Back to the kite, it is very easy to fly, a quick tug on the power lines and it's in the air even in light winds. I hardly used the break lines at all when I first started flying it and manged to get it turning fairly rapidly. I've nosed dived this several times at pretty high speed (as has my girlfriend and a few friends) and it's no got a mark on it. It really is bomb proof.

      After only 4 times flying it I can now fly it even when there is hardly enough wind and can turn the kite on it's axis with minimal use of the break lines and no luffying/folding . It generates a good amount of even pull and shouldn't give you any nasty surprises.

      It doesn't create a huge amount of lift although you can just about carryout a few pendulum type jumps if the wind is right although it's not very easy to do with this kite plus you have to bear in mind the lines have a fairly low weight rating so you need to be careful.

      For anyone looking to get into kiting this kite is perfect and I definitely recommend it. Excellent value for money, brilliant quality, easy to set up and easy to fly. You can get it very badly wrong and not get too badly punished and when it all goes right it will keep a grin plastered on your face for some time. Kiting has a pretty steep learning curve and this kite makes it seem easy and stays fun even when you get into the sport more.

      I've moved on to a bigger kite as I wanted more lift but will definitely come back to this to learn boarding/buggying with and always take this kite out with me as it can be flown in wider range of wind.
    • By Xander1311600949571
      This is an awesome kite i got it 2 days ago for a good £105 of ebay. before this flexifoil Ive had a flexifoil big buzz which is mini compared to this beast.
      so i was asking around on the forums on what kite should i buy most people said hq beamer, pkd buster etc but there was one person who said get a flexifoil blade III 3m but the one thing he did not know was that i was 14 years old and weighed 8 stone.
      so then people started commenting.
      "that's a bit big for a 14 year old dont you think" "i dont think going from a flexifoil buzz to a blade is that suitable especially for a 14 year old"
      after those few sentences i got excited about thinking about the amount of lift this thing would have. so after a few over priced flexifoil blade's i got lucky and got one inside my budget.
      Whats in the package?
      the bag, finally theres a bag where everything fits in and you could fit a lot more.
      kite, i have no idea what good quality is but to me it looks perfect. handles, nice and soft.
      lines, were really tangled took me 2 hours to get un done. groundstake, really handy.
      kite killers, life saver.
      First flight!!
      ofcourse after getting the kite there was no wind but then the seond day i hit the jackpot with an average of 15 knots and gusts of 20. it was amazing compared to the small buzz pulling me around, lifting and etc. I know everybody say's that dont go flying a new kite in heavyish winds but i could not resist. after 15 minutes of flying and running up and down the field like a maniac i was nackered but right at the end there was one huge gust that pulled alot, but thats what kite killers are for.
      so if your a 14 year old looking for a good kite which is a lot more fun than a big buzz the kite to get is a flexifoil blade and even if all the adults are saying
      "i think its to dangerous", "its a bit to powerfull for a youngfellow" well its not and if it does get to powerfull then you let go and wait for the gust to go away. i hope that this helps younger people decide what kind of kite there after
      THIS IS THE ONE TO GO FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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