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Freilein Quadline Kites


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Someone mentioned these a while back on the Forums (a few years ago) but information was really limited.  Then in a conversation with a forum member recently they popped up again, so after some reading and searching it looks like they've really extended their range and options over the years.

They make a range of kites, not just quadline: http://www.freilein.net/ 

Here's some photos that I've salvaged from Oceanshoreskites.com as half the images aren't working on there ;) 

Freilein Vertigo
Missing: Steel, Hawksquad


Freilein Vertigo Max
Missing: Warm, Blue


Vertigo Exodus


Vertigo Exodus Mid
Missing: Warm, Cool, Steel, Yellow, Green, Blue, Hawksquad


Vertigo Exodus Max
Missing: Warm, Cool, Steel, Yellow, Red White Blue, Green, Blue, Hawksquad


Vertigo Exodus Maxxx
Missing: Cool, Steel, Yellow, Red White Blue, Green, Blue, Hawksquad

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The leading edge venting is different.

I have 2 Revs that the mesh has started to dissolve/fray on. They have done a lot of work though.

My only complaint with the Freilein (I inherited from my mates widow) is the rods are really soft and heavy. This was built around 4 years ago so they would have improved since then. The sail construction is much better than my Revs. Much more neatly sewn. 

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9 hours ago, riffclown said:

That's a heck of an endorsement right there.. Are the Frames interchangeable with Rev Frames or Skyshark??

The wing tips are finished off so they don't fray and it is back stitched/tacked, at the end of every seam.

The sail also has 2 strips fitted to stop the vertical rods rubbing on the sail. 

Yes the 1.5 Rev frames slipped straight in to mine.:good:

The 2 sets of rods that came with my last B series Rev were that rough, that they fluffed up (made white marks across their contact point of the vertical rods) the Rev sail after only 2 flights. I could run my fingernail along the taped carbon wrap marks along the rods and they were like small sawtooths and equally as sharp.

I sanded both sets down with wet and dry sandpaper (wet) and resurfaced/sealed them with clear coat to solve the problem. I felt that it was pretty ordinary to have to do that with such a premium priced kite.  


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Three of us in SA have had the Freilein Storms for a couple of years.  Very high quality finish.  We are very happy with them.  I frequently recommend Freilein "bowtie" quads to any new flyer who wants to get into quad line flying.


I've also got a Freilein Transeye.  Once again, very high quality finish.  But they are a bit fragile in the frame department where the spreaders cross the uprights.  I had one failure in only moderate winds.  Since then I've added a flexible rubber T-piece at the cross point and had no further problems


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From the XK FB Comment's...

Andy Oceanshoreskites said:

The kites we sell are our own spec. 
All panels are cut by computer controlled laser. They are the definition of perfect. All sails are sewn by two master seamstresses. We use a Dyneema bonded no fray leading edge. Invisiclear anti wear strips that do not grind carbon off of tubes, have no stretch, and are nearly invisible in flight. Kevlar center reinforcement. We use an all fabric, no-tear mesh in our vents and have eliminated mesh in leading edge altogether. I left room at ends of leading edge to throw/catch without problems. Also, no upper connectors to fail, snag, break bridles, etc... .5 oz. icarex sail or new, lighter .33oz. Polyester cloth(5g. Lighter kite). Our tubes are also straighter with less weight variance and a higher modulus. Two frames are all we need. 

Oh, yeah, and we are less than half the price of anyone who has most of our features. 
Nobody has all our features.

I hope this is helpful.


Grateful Dave B said:

Here's a pic of my 4 stack... Exodus XMax, Max, Mid vent, then a Standard quad... I used 37" premade sportkite stacklines...


The more I look at the Freilein patterns the more I like them....

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On 8/28/2016 at 7:34 PM, Chook said:

. The sail construction is much better than my Revs. Much more neatly sewn. 

I have 4 now.. Can't speak to durability yet, but I have to agree with your workmanship assessment. Top Notch!! And I only have Vertigo and Vertigo Max right now.. Want to fly these more before checking out the Exodus.. 

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So today i had a short opportunity to fly my new Freilein Vertigo and Vertigo Max kites. Winds were around 8-10 MPH and directions shifting a bit, but i was able to fly both kites for a short period of time. To keep my impressions absolutely fair, I used my handles and lines from my Rev and kept the same handle knot settings initially so it could be a direct comparison..

Disclaimer, This is my opinion and my opinion only.. your Mileage may vary. The Freilein Kites were from the onset initially very brake heavy (like a Paul LeMasters tuning Brake Heavy) but I tuned in the flying line 2 knots and it was very much like what I'm personally more used to for my Revs.. That being said, if i closed my eyes and just felt the sensations through the handles, the Vertigo was extremely close to having my Rev 1.5 sail on the end of the lines. Hovering inverted was very close to the same touch as my Rev sails.. I'm sure someone more in tuned to their kites than me could probably tell a difference but I couldn't. Frame material felt to be somewhere between a 2 and 3 Wrap in stiffness and performance. The LE sleeve on the sail is not oversized and would not accept a SLE frame easily if at all.. I can't see anyone trying in the first place..

Once the wind picked up a bit I changed out the kite to the Vertigo Max. It was at the low end of the wind range for the Max but I wanted to get the sail in the air. Like the Full Sail, I'm sure it would have seemed brake heavy at first if I hadn't adjusted the handles already for the full sail. It didn't fly like a Vented Rev or like a Shook Weave. It flew like something in between.  Same basic responsiveness but the feel was more like flying a full sail in lighter wind.. I did like the similarity there though. 

I did remember to take my Go Pro cameras.. I didn't however remember to install the SD memory so I didn't get footage today.. I will record some soon before I stack out the full sails..




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I'm going to get one of these as soon as the budget allows.  I just flew a rev for the first time.  I went to a local kite event and was able to try one.  They are really relaxing and challenging to fly all at the same time.  Minimal pull makes them relaxing but their maneuverability makes them fun and challenging. 

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 Freilein Packing and unpacking addendum..

   After unpacking and repacking the sails a few times, I've noticed the bag they come in seems about an inch too short for standard folding practices. Especially if you want to vary your fold points to prevent creasing/screen damage etc. It fits nicely if you fold somewhat tightly where the center section creates a natural crease but for those that want to preserve their sails, you'll have to either adjust one end in and the other end out or grab a bigger sleeve. I'd prefer the bag be about 1.5" to 2" longer.

The pictured kite is seated all the way to the bottom of the bag but I've varied my fold according to general best practices only to find I can't close the bag without forcing the issue a bit..


So I had a nice chat with Andy at OSK today regarding the Freileins and my bag concern.. He graciously accepted the bag feedback and promised it would be a change based on those comments. He did say the mesh is different and less prone to the mesh issue we are familiar with but the consumer should be able to fold their kite as they please within reason. I'll follow up on this point in the future when I get more information..

While I had him on the line I was also able to get some clarification on a few other points about the Freilein Kites and the Vertigo and Exodus lines.. I had made the statement that the Exodus had the holes instead of the mesh on the leading Edge and the Vertigo had the more familiar mesh. He stated that it was a coincidence of my observations..Both models will have the holes and the newly built kites from both models now have that feature. It will make it out to the field through attrition as he goes through stock on hand. Depends on color, model etc..

He also clarified that the Vertigo will continue to be only the full sail and the Max models. If you want a mid-vent or the MAXXX you will need to go the Exodus route..


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Hi guys, I'm new here, but starting to look around to get a decent quad and also a stunt kite. Really like the Freilein quads and was searching the web for reviews and thats how I found Extreme Kites. 

I was wondering the guys that have purchased from OSK found them to deal with and also what sort of costs was involved with the freight to ship them to Oz?

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