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Ahh thanks for your reply Juan, that's what tricked me the plastic spoke covers.

We are trying 26" x 3 1/2" Fatbike rims with heavy duty hubs and 12g spokes on our land yachts but the spokes keep pulling out of the hubs with the greater side loads. A yacht has so much more down-pressure imposed than a kite buggy.

Cheers Chook

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Wow 4.2mm spokes that is solid. They are on 20mm axles?

Yeh 26" would get in the way on a buggy for sure. We use the 26" to roll over a very soft surface where I live but cant use them in competition as the rules state 400mm Od wheelbarrow tyres on International 5.6 landyachts.

Thanks for your time Juan I really appreciate it.

Cheers. :friends:

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