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Fexifoil Navarro or Libre V-Max II

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I am looking to get my first buggy. The best value options available to me, seems to be either the Flexifoil Navaro for 500£, or Libre V-Max II for 610£, i.e. a price difference of 110£.

What to expect from these two buggies in ride characteristics? Would there be any notable differences in materials/wheels/general build quality? Any opinions on longevity?

I haven’t been able to find specs on wheels (both have 20mm axle), which wheel sizes do each buggy have exactly, and is any of them able to accept any bigger sizes?

What’s the weight on these beauties ready to ride? Are any of these buggers easier to set up and dismount? Which one’s stores most compact? I have very limited storage space.

Lolz, lots of questions…

I weigh ~70kg’s and I am just over 180cm of height. I would like to cruise around, building speed & staying in control, and maybe challenge some terrain at some point. These things more than jumping around – so I guess the V-Max II might be a bit better for my purposes?

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Your suspicions are correct.  Go the Flexifoil if lightweight, portability and ease of getting in and out of a car are important.  Or freestyle/jumping.

But if you want to cruise in comfort for hours at a time, go the Vmax.  Add a home made backrest and it will be like sitting in your favorite armchair....more or less.  I've done close to 10,000km in my Vmax and the only things that have broken in that time are a couple of plastic triglide buckles that hold the excess seat strap webbing in place.

Both buggies will come with std plastic rims and  'barrow' tires.  From memory, my Vmax used to weight around 25kg in this configuration.  But I've since got some alloy sysmic rims and midi and bigfoot tires which increases the weight to the point where it's hernia time to try and lift it.  I would expect the Flexi to be under 20kg...maybe?  I'm just guessing there.

You can put midi's, midi XL's or bigfoots on either buggy - but you will probably need to change the front fork to suit.   Rear should be no problem.   Midi's will help a bit in softer sand, but not a great deal more than barrows.  Bigfoots can get you through much softer stuff but tend to be a bit 'wobbly' at higher speeds....at least my Kenda's are.  The biggest positive with the bigfoots is absorbing bumps in rough ground.  Std barrow tires are perfectly fine for the hardpack beaches around here.

You should be able to take a Flexifoil or PL buggy apart pretty quick for compact storage.  The Vmax will be a pain to do this with all the time - if you end up with a Vmax, then you might like a proper rack for it on the back of your car (there's a thread or two here on buggy racks) and you might even want to store it vertically on a garage wall or rope and pulley it up so it's above your head in the garage - which is what I do.

I was all set to buy a Peter Lynn buggy (very similar to the Flexifoil) until I got into a Vmax - while it was more expensive, it was far more comfy and supportive and felt way more secure.  There is another option for you too, Libre also make the Zebra buggy


A bit lighter and cheaper than the Vmax but still with a nice, supportive seat.  I had a spin in @IMK 's Zebra and was really impressed.  For the money, it's very, very good value.

Having said that, I'm 52.  In all my years of buying toys/motorbikes etc etc, I consider the Vmax to be the best money I have ever spent.

My original Vmax as purchased in 2009....



And in 2016 with swan neck, axle extenders, back rest, bigfoot fork, home made mudguard, various camera mounts and Joel's 17" sysmic wheels....



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Johns Vmax was light years ahead of my peter lynn mk2 (similar geometry to the flexi)

if i had to choose between the two, i would choose the Vmax. 

regarding the wobble of the bigfoots i also have kenda beach racer tyres and they do indeed wobble a lot.

midi tyres are my favourite between barrows and bigfoots :)

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My humble thanks everyone, good input from good ppl. I am drawn towards the V-Max II, thinking it's more of my intended ride style. Hopefully it still turns tight. I've been getting more time now on my friends Bigfoot, really getting the hang of it I feel. Need to fly the kite with the steering wheel (lotsa steering in our shifty winds) aswell as with bar and lines. 


I would have to undo the rear axle of the V-Max each time for transport. But atleast you guys warned me, so I am prepared for the extra hassle. I am gonna look into different wheels probably not this season, but next maybe. Can't compare with that lovely 313 anyway... He since colored whitesides on all 3 wheels. Mudguard is from toilet seat lid. 313 numberplate also on the rear - this buggy reminds us so of Donald Duck's famous ride. :-D

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Hi, when you have a go on a Vmax, you will enjoy confidence inspiring stability compared to your friend's Bigfoot. I refer to the high seating position, the bent leg seating/steering setup because of the high position of the front of the seat rails. Just look at V Max pictures with these ideas in mind. Good luck.


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