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Hi everyone, 

I have a number of items for sale, as follows. Happy to ship interstate at buyers expense (which is less than $50 via TNT or similar)

Foil Kites

Peak 1 9m - complete with bar and lines - $600, flown handful of times

Unity 8m - complete - $600, moderate use, bar has some wear.

Sonic FR - 11m - Complete - $1,500, personal kite, used for 1 season of club racing, no repairs


LEI Kites

Cronix 8m - Complete - $1,000, used a handful of times, no repairs

BRM Cloud C2 17m - Kite only - $900, used 4 times, no repairs


Flydoor 5 XL (170cm) - $600, used a handful of times


Cloud C2 17_1.jpg

Cloud C2 17_2.jpg

Cronix 8_1.jpg

Cronix 8_3.jpg

Flydoor XL _1.jpg

Flydoor XL_2.jpg



Peak 1 9m.jpg



Sonic 11.jpg

Unity 8.jpg






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sonic 9 sold. 

Not not much left now - 1x Sonic 11, 1 Flydoor XL plus some LEIs.

Glad to see there will be some happy riders with new toys to play with. 

So just advance notice, we should be upgrading my team rider Mani Bisschops to new race kites before Xmas. 

That means there will be 1 more set of Sonics coming up for sale (9/11/15/18)

As they become available I'll put them up here and let everyone know.

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Yesterday the Sonic FR 9 arrived, it is pretty much immaculate, if it wasn't for the small amount of beautiful WA sand in it, i would have thought it was straight of the shop floor.

Thanks James for equipping me with this monster.

Anyone else looking to snap up an 11m can buy with full confidence.

PS cheers for the stickers, i love stickers.

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Hi everyone. 

I’ve got Sonic 2 9-13-15m (kite only) coming available next week. 

These have been used for 12 -18 months season by Mani Bisschops in various events including Hydrofoil Protour, China etc

He is now on Sonic Races hence the sale  

New these sell for ~ $260/sqm. I will be listing these at $150/sqm and will consider all reasonable offers. 

So advertised prices are : 

9m - $1350

13m - $1950

15m - $2,250




0403 134 186

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