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Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"


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On 11 maja 2016 at 2:05 PM, Mfwetu said:

They look interesting but very heavy. What do they weigh?

I have no idea, I suppose they are heavy because winter boots and ski bindings are heavy. Except weight I think they are also to warm for summer time obviously. That's why in my project I planned165 mm power slide mount for skate bindings. MyMonster Skates will be assembled from standard power slide parts. Enclosed you can see last version of skids for CNC cutting next week.


Zrzut ekranu 2016-05-14 o 13.02.53.png

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21 hours ago, Rafał Bohdanowicz said:

Some kiteskating yesterday :)

That's great that you got out and got some yesterday!  Looks like a fun session in a nice big field.  I've got upper body armor pretty much just like that and have also gotten a "girdle" (core pads).  This is for the hips, thighs, and rear. These are the ones I got, but there are tons of options if you go this route:  http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Supreme_TotalOne_Adaptable_Core_Pad/itm/5923-41/?mtx_id=0

I bought a simple pair of hockey shorts to go over these just so if I went down I would tear up the shorts, not the core pads. One final touch is wrist guards that skateboarders use, the ones with a curved rigid plastic tongue over the palm.  Yes, I've got knee pads too.  I use my "one size fits all" harness from snowkiting that just barely fits over all this!  I feel a little silly at times with all this, but as a fellow kiting friend in the US calls all this, "plastic courage" is the way to go to live another day!  One factor here in all this is that some of my kite skating is on a giant dried lake bed on the California/Nevada state line known as Lake Ivanpah.  The playa surface there is rock hard dried cracked mud with a surface texture akin to 40wt sandpaper.  It would wreck your whole day to go down at speed out there getting your yah-yahs out.

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I made a nice little improvement to my Nordic Scout frame/boot interface. There is a pattern of tapped screw holes in the heels and balls of the feet on the boots corresponding to horizontal slots on the aluminum frames. I shifted the boots back from center a few millimeters to allow a total of four bolts skate instead of the usual two. Two screws side by side both front and back. If anything the skates ride better under the pull of a traction kite with the boots biased just a few millimeters back from center and the interface is now rock solid between boots and frames. 

I kiteskated under my 12m Peak2 today under some pretty high winds for the kite and powered up fully for the first time since setting up these skates. REALLY good feeling!  The speed wasn't all that high plowing through grass with a P2 that sits sort of deep in the wind window but the side pull was high so I really had to lean and angulation against it to hold my line. Yeah!

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