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Acoustic and live performances

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Something that's living on my playlist...  

The cello guys are very good.... i'll give them that,  but these finnish hillbillys,  IMO... are better.  

Joe Satriani 2006  

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Some home grown material, acoustic Shakuhachi improvising along with electric violin and keyboards:

By the way, the Shakuhachi, I built my self from some PVC pipe I bought for $8 at Mitre 10 here in New Zealand :) . Blame @Chook, he egged me on to make the video :) . If you are interested in making one your self, I have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where you can dial in the pipe ID, pipe wall thickness and desired tuning -- there are some calibrations necessary, like drilling the holes undersize (latter gradually bore out to bring into tune), making the pipe a tad longer (gradually cut off pipe all tone holes closed to bring into tune), and an embouchure length correction (before tone holes drilled, then again with undersized tone holes drilled).

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    • By betyboo
      Well i thought i'd better write my 1st review, if not at least to let you know my experience but to get a smiley face lol! so here goes, BEAMER 2.5.

      After waiting in for 2 days for the kite to be delivered, my fella chased it up only to find out they had been trying to deliver to his house, so a mad rush down to the parcel office and everything was looking good for the weekends activities!

      We had read many reviews on the kite thanks to you guys and decided this would be good for me to play with while my partner peaty flew the blade 4.9.

      EXCITED was not the word as i no longer had to sit and watch, i'd tried the blade and it was just too much for me recently having had an operation (not due to kiting) so gets down the beach, perfect weather maybe not quite windy enough, peaty set the kite up and launched within 5 mins or so, straight out of the bag.

      The kite spun round and crashed, reset the brakes and again the same, 3rd time lucky we got it right and it went up like a graceful bird, (instant smile) great my turn now, i was very surprised at what pull it had, great fun unfortunately the wind didn't last long but had about 20 mins or so and came away as proud as punch having had a good time with no incidents lol. Turned very fast and really nippy!

      The packaging was excellent and for all the comments on the big zip thing, i thought it looked quite groovy!!! only a little awkward to get back up once pulled down, as you have to do!!! winder and lines were good and strong, ground stake really good too.

      Bag itself great what can i say,mega amount of room in there, could have taken the kitchen sink too! Well sewn and lovely and rattly, fantastic, good value for money and will stop me moaning now because i'm not watching peaty have all the fun!!! 10 outta 10.
      By : betyboo
    • By SoutherlyBuster
      Haven’t posted in while been busy more with music compositions, but still kiting and slope soaring my gliders with my son Zachary here in Christchurch.
      The Distraction by Norman Freund
      Special thanks to my son Zachary for helping out with the time lapse pre-processing and advice during the music production.
      No I have not switched to LEI’s ha ha, some one else kiting in the beach scene.
      Hey  @bakersdozen, thanks for putting me on to the Reaper DAW (Digital Workstation). Takes a bit to get used to it to feel free enough to be creative with it. I tried putting the video together with  Adobe Premier Elements, very clunky, wrecked the quality, too slow …. . So I thought why not try the video editor that comes with the music DAW, Reaper, hey not bad. Cutting up the video segments and synchronising with the music phrases is simple in Reaper since your composition is already there with all the cues and midi notes. The video quality in Reaper is good too.
      Hope you like it.
      Music only copy on Soundcloud at:
      Norman Freund
    • By .Joel
      So it's always easy posting a song you like from a band that originally wrote it, what about when you come across a cover of a song which in your opinion is even better than the original or perfectly on par?  Share some of the covers you've come across.
      Here's Jamie N Commons with a cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

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