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    • By jhn.holgate
      Based in Lenoir, North Carolina, you'll find Ken McNeill Fabrications making some stunning looking kites (or high performance aerial art as Ken refers to them) - no argument from me there.  Ken's been designing and building his kites for 25 years out of the finest materials he can get his hands on.  I hadn't heard of Ken until Doug put a picture of one of his kites in the gallery.  The Cody heritage immediately caught my eye although a look through Ken's site reveals some quite different designs and even some 2 line stunters.
      Check out Ken's site here: http://www.kmacfab.com/

      My favorite.....

    • By jhn.holgate
      The Dean Kite Festival is on at the Dean recreation reserve on Sunday 6th September from 12pm till 4pm.  Big kites, little kites, kite making, kite displays, power kites and buggy displays weather permitting.  Bring the kids!!  All welcome.  
      The last couple of years it's been a great event although not too much wind last year.
      Dean is located about 10 minutes drive East of Ballarat, Central Victoria.

    • By jhn.holgate
      Peter Lynn has been hard at work developing single skin, single line kites. He has a couple now which he has licensed out for other people to produce.
      This one looks very nice - the Boomer, a 2.5sq.m 7 cell made and sold by John and Irene Tan in Singapore, fionareen@yahoo.com.sg
      It evidently has 3x the pull of an equivalent ram air foil... could be a good line laundry anchor.
      According to Peter, they fly at a higher angle than a similar ram air foil and the Boomer's wind range is 8 km/hr to 40 km/hr.

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