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All Ages Come & Try Kite Flying Day 12 Oct 2014


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Many of us can remember making and flying kites as a kid, time often spent with parents or grandparents. Over the generations, the sport of kite flying has evolved in many directions thanks to input from other cultures as well as the development of stronger and lightweight modern materials.

But some aspects of kite flying have not changed. It is still a healthy and creative outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Kite flying is still a great way for different generations to come together, with opportunities for knowledge and experience to be passed down from parents and grandparents to the younger generations.

The Adelaide Kite Flyers Association (AKFA) meets monthly to fly kites together in beachside locations. They are also responsible for organising the Adelaide International Kite Festival at Semaphore each Easter. AKFA is hosting an All Ages Come & Try Kite Flying Day as part of the Every Generation Festival, on Sunday 12 October 2014.

So if you’ve admired the beautiful huge kites at the Festival, been dazzled by a skilful stunt kite flyer, or watched in awe as a kite buggier or kite surfer whizzed past, and thought “I’d like to try that”, this is your chance! Perhaps you just want to relive those wonderful childhood experiences. Come on down to the beach at Semaphore South on the second Sunday in October and give it a try. Bring the whole family, from kids to great grandparents, friends and neighbours. A little bit of wind is all that we need for everyone to have a fabulous day.

Depending on wind conditions, the kite menu will include small single-line display kites, large inflatable display kites, various types of stunt kites as well as appropriately sized power kites. All for you to try for free with expert tuition. There will be inexpensive kits available for purchase, for you to make and fly a kite together as a family. You can also bring your own kites to fly with the team. AKFA members will be available to answer questions or assist you with any difficulties you are having with your own kites. The Association looks forward to sharing the sky with you in October.

This event also coincides with World Kite Flying Day, established in 1985 to promote international peace, environmental awareness, and friendship and understanding between people. www.oneskyoneworld.org/

Good Winds

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