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Loftywinds Fernando Gkawo Northern Kites Australia and now.... DylanJamo Are we missing any?  

Quite a good package. Link: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/safety-bay/other-sports-fitness/ozone-kites-landboards-package/1148869222

Imagine the smile on John's dial. He will be dragging out his wooden contraption again. Michael

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Yep that sure is mine.  Jenny sold hers to Andy at Australia Day fly. I haven't used mine a lot in the last few years and after a small stroke early Jan thought it wise to down size a few toys and give me more room in the shed now that we are semi permanent living here in Kingston SE. Cheers to everyone in these strange times.

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Quadrifoil were a huge brand back in the day, the 2m and 3m were great high wind kites and I did my fastest buggy speeds on a 2m in 30+ knots.

The designer now designs for F-One, and his early race kites under the Quadrifoil brand were extremely fast. They had a lot of paragliding tech in them and were designed by Robert Graham. Manufactured in the Gin factory I think.

If the kites listed are not overpriced they would still be heaps of fun and good value.

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On 9/23/2020 at 6:25 PM, Northern Kites Australia said:

Very unusual power kite. Anyone know some history here?


Hi everyone, first post. Thanks for having me! I actually just bought this very kite (the Quadrifoil 3M) and came here separately to check out your site and *maybe* look for a second hand buggy ;) Nice coincidence to see it mentioned here! It's in good condition and flew well in its first outing today. Cheers all!

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Well done @Angus Johnstone I used to own a 6 metre Quadrifoil. it was a very nice kite for its age.

I hope you get some airtime with it during the lockdown 2 hour exercise period :) 

Keep your eyes out in the EVENTS section here in normal times this is the season to buggy.

We get down to Sandy point often (in normal times) there are still a few buggies laying around the place, hopefully one comes up that suits your needs.

Welcome to extremekites. you will find a wealth of knowledge within.





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Thanks so much @igeighty! Very happy to have found you all. I'm also lucky enough to be living on a farm just north of Sunbury, so plenty of space and wind. Will definitely follow the events section cos I'd love to come down and check out the action at Sandy Point sometime. Cheers again! Angus

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11 hours ago, Angus Johnstone said:

I just saw this buggy and kites for sale in Canberra and thought it must be yours @Tiger37!

But not so on closer inspection: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/651839022197228 

No not mine. Interesting that this sale looks pretty close to the suburbs I live in and I’ve never seen this kit. Can only think it has not been used for some time or someone who has recently moved here 

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