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Gul Astral Drysuit

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I bought this 2 years ago and it's been used probably 10 - 15 times. Since I bought a van and a Winter Wetsuit I've not used it at all, so it needs to go.


This is a Gul Astral in size Adult Medium. This is the latest equivalent and I can't see much difference TBH.


Gul Astro Drysuit Gcx4 Kitesurf Waterski New 2010 Free Underfleece Sk0005 - Mens - Drysuits Surface


I've checked the suit over and the only bad point I can see is some of the graphics have worn off in a small area, otherwise it's in great shape. The seals are all nice and rubbery and are not degrading at all, they have never been cut down to size as it fitted me fine as it was. The Zip (a big brass jobbie rather than the cheap crappy plastic ones) is running smooth all the way.


The suit comes with the thermal under suit which is new and totally unworn.


210 Quid, plus your choice of postage at cost.





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