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    • By Ant
      I'm selling all my old kites which includes a 
      2015 North Dice 6m $650 (kite only)
      2015 North Dice 9m $895 (complete with bar and lines)
      2015 North Dice 11m $975 (complete with bar and lines)
      2013 Airush Razor 7m $400 (complete with bar and lines)
      2013 Crazyfly Sculp 8m $450 (complete with bar and lines)
      please email me if interested: antbrownkite@gmail.com

    • By bakersdozen
      Does anyone out there on the EK have a spare control bar lying around, that they do not have a use for anymore?
      Don't need any other accessories apart from the bar itself. Need it for a project that i'm working on. And needs to be fairly cheap, if possible.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By vidinozland
      Hi all,
      I really hope it's not just me, but I'm struggling to see how I list and sell some spectacular kiting gear on this site. I've searched and can see where, but more importantly I cannot see HOW to list my items. There's no 'create a buy/sell listing' or 'sell' button anywhere! - please advise.
      Many thanks in advance.
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