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Sunday 23 Sept snow kiting above Thredbo

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Had some great runs in Cocks Harbour, but the wind was a bit of a challenge. Initially I had set up a 2.5m Peter Lynn Rebble, but the gusts were nudging near 30 knots, so I wimped out and flew my little 1.5m PL Stunt kite instead. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to inserting photos, so will see if the one below works?


It made the snow kiting manageable, with the gusts. Barely a cloud in the sky.......so all up not a bad day!!

Snow cover in the backcountry where I was looked good.

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I didn't snow kite around the rocks, but they come in handy in high winds to drop your kite, without it going into a death roll!!! The smaller the kite, the more chance of your lines getting twisted. I spent two hours one day trying to untangle my lines!

The skis are an old pair of K2 Alpine Touring Skis, which my mate Tim sold to me a few seasons ago. I find skis easier to use than a snow board when snow kiting. It's all personal preference. I'm guessing that kite surfers would argue this point, but it is a lot easier to climb to the launch area on skis (ie like mine which have a lock/release on the heel and have skins underneath to stop you sliding backwards!......a heavier version of cross country skis) than walk with snow boots!!!

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I would definitely be a ski person, done a little bit of downhill, more of the Nordic cross country stuff, plus a little backpacking stuff on skis from which I got horrible blisters from hire gear so I want my own gear.

I think the snowboards are for the skater generation..... Bit younger than me :D

Had a go on bakersdozens landboard, balance is an issue with a floor that moves around, so that probably rules out the kitesurfing too .

Leaves me with the ski thing as a kiting option, will hunt down some skis in the off season.

If you do a vid.... Post it up



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Hey Clive and others wanting to give snowkiting a go:

I'm clearing out the shed, got a pair of Telemark skis with medium weight cable bindings, climbing skins and telescopic poles for sale.

Used, but VGC, Heavy weight enough to hold an edge nicely when kiting in all conditions, but light enough to do backrolls etc and tour long distances easily when the wind dies.

Skis: Fischer Alltrax Freeride 68 (183cm, 105/68/90)

Bindings: Riva Z cables with the big shim underfoot so you can lay them right over when kiting powered up.

Climbing skins: G3

Poles: Black Diamond traverse.

$200 Firm the lot - this is cheap as chips, You'll have to arrange pickup from Sydney. If they don't sell I'll be happy to keep them for my little brother.

Here they are in Cock's harbour in 2007 (I haven't used them since - I went to an AT rig in early 2008)


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Nice pics Pat......as usual. Hope next weekend works out for you.

Rain on Friday might make things a bit messy.....just glad I got up there last weekend.........wasn't game to take my hands off the 4 line handles to wave to u last weekend, because I would have probably wiped out....1.5m kite is very twitchy in high winds!

Haven't done much kiting for 7 months, but absolutely stoked to have got a hairy session in last Sunday.

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Another good weekend for kiting in the mountains,

Managed to penetrate deep into Wilkinsons valley below Mt Townsend


There are some incredible deep gullies and terrain features down there. At one stage I climbed up a couloir that was scarecly wide enough to loop the kite in with massive granite tors looming on both sides, I was lucky the wind was coming straight up its guts.

To all the people who think they have missed the 2012 snow season - many of these spots will be in great condition for 2-4 more weeks - Get into it!



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Keep the CAM rolling and let us have peak Clive.

Forecast makes kiting a challenge

Overcast with a chance of rain, then a chance of snow and rain showers in the afternoon. High of 9C. Winds less than 5 km/h. Chance of precipitation 60% with accumulations up to 4 cm possible.

Saturday Night

Overcast. Fog overnight. Low of -2C. Winds less than 5 km/h. Chance of rain 30% with rainfall amounts near 3.0 mm possible.


Overcast. Fog early. High of 10C. Winds less than 5 km/h.

Sunday Night

Partly cloudy. Fog overnight. Low of -1C. Winds less than 5 km/h.

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