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I miss Alex

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I just watched the second video.


I was just thinking the entire time. the guy probably threw you out Alex because you started talking shit or he realised who you were and didn't want you to start. And if you thought that he wanted to fight you before, then he will probably want to F@rking kill you when he sees that video.

You can't just attack someone's character and more so their business based on a bit of hearsay.

what an arse.

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I couldn't stop laughing view parts one and two, especially part two. Beginners in kiting please note: don't believe every thing you see on youtube, it is not necessarily best practice or even recommended.

I had the sound turned off, hmm better that way?

The way I see it, he (Alex) is having a time of his life, perhaps annoying a few (or more) folks at the same time, perhaps stretching the truth just a wee bit (how much of on the vid is actually him or his affiliates, oh don't start me there ).

Just take it as it is great entertainment, but not necessarily the lead to follow.



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I haven't posted for ages (or been kiting for that matter, kids, cyclone repairs, holidays) ........and it takes Alex to get me posting again!

He is definately a few beers short of a six pack. :fool:

I actually bought my first kite from that shop in Townsville and lived a few km's away. They were nice guys in there and also make a good coffee!


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