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Wanted 7-9m Frenzy '09


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Hi Pormo

I have one for sale if your intrested, 09 frenzy 9meter orange and black, awesome condition!

i havent got any photos but you can see it on a youtube clip.

it me flying it at apex park victoria.

please contact me if your intrested and have any more questions.




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pmed u

No need for a PM you could have just posted here what you are willing to pay so it's clear to everyone. At $500 to $550 you are better off focusing on buying from Europe, bigger market, bigger turnover of kites and much more luck hitting one at that price over there.



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I think that every offer is unique and every deal is personal. Ive made a typo in pm which Ive send to you (actually its 600-650) so now you made everybody here to not make offers to me with that wrong info. And one more reason for pm: Im not perfect in english so sometimes I need to re-ask smth, and for me its more convinient to talk via pm.

Peace )

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I know that.. As I remember u've told me via ebay it was 100 that time (unfortunately my bid didnt win).

Jollyjumper told me thet exp post international $123.30 3-7 days

parcel air $117.55 3-10 days

parcel sea $58.00 60-90 days

I really want this kite but Im also limited in money and 750 with postage is already above my limit. that means I need it for 600+

Sorry if disturbin u guys and thaks for advices :)

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