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AndyFly, We will miss you.

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Posted on behalf of Frakke who has had some log in issues.

My sincere condolences to Andy's family even though we never met. We did converse through this forum and joking aside ( of which there was quite a lot) I must say that Andy was always full of encouraging comments and gave the impression of "enthusiasm" for all he did.

It is a shame that I never made it to OZ because flying "down under" would have been a true priviledge. I fear now that the community has lost a true and caring member NOT to kites but to "natural causes". Myself this year I have been lucky as I am alive after 3 heart operations and this brings home the true nature of life. I feel like I am on borrowed time.

I should like to add that "those who burn twice as bright burn half as long" it is up to us to remember Andy in our daily thoughts each time we kite - heroes live on long after they're gone in memoriam alone

finally condolences once more... RIP Andy


Frakke (UK kiter based in Sweden)

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I met both AndyFly and Wolfie on the same day, and as you can imagine they did a good job of being intimidating straight up! But soon I found both embraced friends and life alike. Andy really got me interested in buggying and was a fountain of encouragement, support and humour, of which the last was definitely plentiful. I feel very lucky to have at least met him once, and wish we could have been in the same state! My sincere condolances to Andy's family, we've all lost a great friend.

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I've not been out for a spin in my buggy for some time now and haven't posted on this forum for a while, but last time I went out to Amaroo, who should greet me with a big smile and an offer to fly his kite...AndyFly. He was always available to help out with gear and tips. Always loved his posts and pics....he will be sadly missed by the Canberra crew and the wider kiting community around Australia, but even more by his family. My heart goes out to them at this sad time.

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Just heard the news tonight after a phone call to liger.

I dont know how to react, Andy was one of the best blokes in and out of the kite scene that i have ever had the pleasure to know. Unfortunatly due to work i have been in Darwin for the last year and wasnt able to spend much time flying with the great man, but the good times i did have with Mr Fly i wil remember always.

Rest in peace bro, you will forever be in the hearts of many.

The world will not be the same without you.

My thoughts go out to the Fly family.

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