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AndyFly, We will miss you.


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:cray: I open up Xk I this is what I see first what a shock & with great sadness I read this news.

Meet Anyfly at Stockton all those years ago & his talent as a kiter still leaves vivid memories & with a personality to match.

He was a talented kiter & a gifted tradesman whose work can be found on many of the buggies we take to the various meets around this country.

My condolences to Linda & family R.I.P. Andyfly.

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I've just been informed by various channels .... which has left me shell shocked.

My sincerest condolences to Linda and kids.

Andy, you enriched everybodies lives that you came in contact with, you will truly be missed by all

Your enthusiasm, skill, smile and your time for anyone is legendary

I'll miss you 'Pansh Bro' we always saw eye to eye :yes3:

RIP buddy

JD and Family

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Take Care Andy and heartfelt wishes to your family at this sad time

Words can't express how sad this is.

I was chuckling only the other day at sitting drinking coffee with u and ur family as the smallest of flys sat in a tree dropping sticks on passers by and Andy trying to tell him off without laughing too hard at the cheeky little fella.

"honest Dad, I was dropping the stcks near them not on them!"

A sad day indeed


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Terrible and shocking news. Andy was one of the kiting community's most loved buggiers.

My deapest condolences to Linda and family.

Andy was an inspiration to us all. Even in these dark times I take inspiration from him. Live life like there's no tomorrow people. We never know when our time is up.

You'll be missed Andy.


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I just wanted to say how wonderful it has been reading all these wonderful comments about my brother. He was passionate about this sport and obviously had a lot of very good friends to enjoy it with. Its very sad for our family that he has died so young with so much potential for a happy life ahead of him. Thank you all for being his friends. Jo Male

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AndyFly R.I.P

You were my flying partner, You were my true mate..........

It is with sadness you must leave us, you were an ambassador of the sport, a truely remarkable friend and dad.

Like you have always been for me I will always be there for Linda and the kids.

You were loved by all and will be missed by me, kyle's and so many.


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Well what is there to say.......

The kiting community has suffered a huge loss.. But none so near to the Fly clan.. my condolences go out to Linda and the kids.

Andy, you WILL be missed.

Always reminds me of one late afternoon... no wind all afternoon... everyone has packed up and the winds decide to change... no chance Andy was missing this one... strong wind 12m kite... what could be better...

well only the smile on Andy's face after landing the kite...

Fly high :crazypilot: and have fun.

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I finnish reading now with very watery eyes, and attempt a short reply.

I offer my most heartfelt sympathy to Andy's family and friends at this time of grief.

Andy was one of the genuine ambassidors of the sport and his presense will be sadly missed.

A true character who touched so many with his friendly advice and tremendously infectious attitude towards our chosen sport.

A man who will live long in my memories for years to come.

Farewell mate.........


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Upon the request of Linda these are the funeral arrangements we can confirm for now.

Tuesday the 6th of September at 1.30pm.

Norwood Park Crematorium

65 Sandford Street, Mitchell ACT 2911

Tel: (02) 6241 3177

A link to the map


The wake arrangements are still being finalised and will be made available as soon as possible.

Joel will update the front page with this information as soon as he can today.

My door is still open, I am still waiting, please Andy just turn up.

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R.I.P Andy

I remember when i first joined XK hoping to find some flyers in canberra to fly with and someone to teach me how to buggy. Andy was the first one to instantly reply to my post. With the time, location and day to meet. Also a list of kites that he offered me to try out for my first fly. Starting from a 2.0m up to a 5m.

When I rocked up to Amaroo Andy instantly stopped flying. Introduced himself and pulled out his 3.5m pansh and taught me how to fly... I then crashed the pansh looked over at Andy with a concerned look on my face. Which his response was a cheeky laugh telling me not to worry its his trainer kite.That will be a day i will never forgette.

Andy you were a good mentor, A good friend and a great flyer everytime you were up in the air you always had the biggest smile on your face.

Farewell mate. thank you for all the memories. :cray:

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Bye Bye Bro... I can't believe you are gone. I have loved reading all these comments, particularly the ones about your great big grin. I am so happy you found something you loved and were so passionate about. It is obvious from all these wonderful comments you were well loved and respected for your talent and willingness to help others.

The last time I saw you, you were wearing that great big grin, describing your sport and showing me your new kite. You were so humble and couldn't believe that someone was actually paying you to do something you loved. I'm incredibly sad you are gone but happy you found your passion and were able to share it with your children.

A big thank you to all of you for enriching my brother's life.

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I didn't know Andy very well and had met him a couple of times at the Yeppoon meets, but the few brief times I did talk with him I liked him instantly. He was warm and friendly and I'm sad that I won't get to know him better.

Goodbye AndyFly

My condolences go to Andy's family and friends

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