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ooh yeah heading to 90 mile beach next week.


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which is ironically not 90miles long but 55 miles long.

still thats a fair distance.

weather permitting me and several hard core buggiers are going to do a massive down winder and bomb the entire beach in one sesion.

i'm hoping for a clean 20 odd knots so i can churn along at 30+ mph and maybe break the 40mph barrier. 55 miles give you a lot time to get comfortable at speed so maybe if the perfect conditions appear then a nudge at 50mph will be in order.


oooh i'm getting excited. hope like hell the weather gods play ball.

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55 miles?

That'll be nice on your legs haha ... Good luck, get that gps ready for some speed, would be good to see what top speeds you reach, try for that 50mph barrier, and we can see how far you travel in total in that one session, and average speed and stuff ...


Good luck with the speed mate, hope the weather holds out for you

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beach is in nz bro!

no go pro sorry. also my gps is only a basic speed/distance/max and ave speed recorder. it doesn't plot or download to pc. however it will capture the main data. average speed max and distance.


i'd like to lay down a fastest hour travelled on a landboard challenge too. maybe 30mph is on the cards of a average speed.


Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


dunes at the top will be worthy of some gliding with the manta..... also therel be some kitesurfing aswell.... ahhhhh... epic.

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we have support vehicles. so should be sweet. if its wet and rainy looking i'll just fire up the edge and keep on trucking! hahaha.

recon i could hold the edge on land to around 30 knots. i've had it on land so far up to 22ish knots completely untrimmed and the bar in to full power.

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