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And there's me thinking it'll just be a bit of a decent day. Well and truly stoked :)


Couldn't hold the kite in that morning wind, kept ripping me off the water then it'd lull for half hour then just pick up and blow.

Nob on onshore, big sky and massive goons. Coolest feeling carving through the shallows with a low sun, cool tunes, and just me and another dude with the water all to ourselves. Loved it.


Not too cold at all - after 3 hours feet got a wee bit icy but nowt really.

Nice to see a few old faces down - (hope you had just as good a session Russ) and Carl was ripping it up as usual, making it look way to easy to jump over my 13m :cool:


That was just a bit better than Xmas shopping.

Simple and costs nothing, always the best :)

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This is on the PKA Race link:


PKA : Race - Ainsdale


First Event of the 2011 National Series kicks off at Ainsdale on 26th - 27th February.


Accomodation is available at Pontins again this year - £40/chalet for the weekend (Fri & Sat nights)


Check the PKA Website and Event pages for booking details and registration.


See you all there.......


Looks like should be OK for tomorrow then!!

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Just got back. Knackered now! Shame there wasn't another 10mph! Was still good to get out though (especially at the beach for a nice change). Nice to meet you Mark. Let me know if you're up for joining us at Shell on the 18th weekend.

One of the lads had ordered an 8m neo, which he was hoping to get to use today. Apparently it arrived at his house this morning half an hour after we left. Gutted!! Shame can't get back up there tomorrow as wind looks spot on. Enjoy if you go!!

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Yeah that was us. Shame you left when you did. Picked up soon after for a couple of hours or so then dropped off completely! Managed a 19.2mph run. Wish I could be there tomorrow. Could have a chance of breaking the 30mph barrier then! Will hopefully get a fly in locally (mate wants to try his new kite). Like you say though... all depends on the rain!

Gonna have to move closer to a beach! Would save traveling 180miles round trip for pants wind! Just have to make the most of it though I suppose!

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Need some help plz...ive just got a frenzy 9m was going to ainsdale with a mate but he cant make it now :( so ive got a new kite and need some help as its my FIRST DEPOWER KITE so are any of you lot there on sunday to help me out, dont wanna set it up for the first time and kill my self lol,would be much appreciated....

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