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Can I offer a suggestion, with several pics on this thread exceeding 3 Mbytes each, it just takes ages for the page to load, so some compression would be nice, ie rescale to some where near 1024 pixels rather than what I'm guessing the 4000 odd that the cam outputs. :D . Most of the time if the page takes too long to update I just give up and look at another thread.

Either way, nice pics.



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Hobbyking order placed - awaiting order to arrive and see what happens from there! Am thinkn of making up a sealed waterproof acryllic housing ;) if its a cheap entry into KAP,then cool.

Ultimately tho,of course GoPro Hero2 is where its at though. But for 40 bucks AU I doubt I can complain when its that cheapa quality.

Dave :popcorm1:

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A few new toys to play with..... :D






These were taken at home and on the neighbor's hill. Bit of straitening of the fisheye effect with a program called PTLens which does a good job of correcting distortions, aberrations and correcting horribly tilted images! Gonna have to get me some line laundry....

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I reckon if I was those blokes what built those turbines, I'd be checking my spirit level.

This is typical of a shot before I straighten it:


Probably only one out of 20-30 shots is actually level - and when the camera is level, you don't notice the distortion all that much. But point it slightly up or down and you get a nice big 'ol curve. One day, I'll figure out how to stabilize the camera a bit more....

edit: Clive - you bet :good:

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Cheers guys.

Flowform seems quite stable and flies at a moderately steep angle - about perfect for hanging a camera off the line. Camera wasn't swinging around too much on the FF either. I think it would have been somewhere around 15 knots the other morning when I had it up and it was probably generating somewhere around 10kg of pull - enough to pull the heavy line and camera tight and tire the arms out pretty quick. I run the line out first and anchor it then walk the kite up and down - too much pull to try and wind in. The 3m Sled has a bit more pull and angle - hmmm... 60 degrees?... I think the sled may benefit from a tail...it's pretty good but does 'wobble' around a little. Hopefully, there'll be a bit of an easterly today to try out the maiden flight of the iPhone :D

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Made a wonky alloy bracket to hold the iphone snugly. Attached with rubber bands! Seemed to work ok but I only kept a dozen out of 150 shots or so. Lots of weird angles! I don't think the iphone has the dynamic range or sharpness of the gopro although it's still bloody good for a phone.



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Hey guys,

I've been KAPing for approx. 12 months now thanks to Jon @ Kitepower Qld who got me first addicted.

Jon now has a KAP rig that has been laser cut and with a little bit of ingenuity can be adapted with servo's for r/c control or using a CAMremote board, like I currently use to pre-program the photo session.

The CAMremote allows for activation of the camera remotely via either a USB connection or ir etc.

Google and check it out for yourselves..

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