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THE pimped board thread!

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Here's mine. Started life as a GI Flight Lite.  Then velcro bindings, revos and granny wheels were added (good old MBS 3 spoke hubs). Then after some time,

I've recently pimped up my speed board so thought i'd post up a couple of pics   as far as decks go you couldn't get any more low tech 1.2m long flat & basic   such a stable bo

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On 9/17/2020 at 11:20 PM, bakersdozen said:

@SoutherlyBusterneeds to see this one.

Ha ha. I tried a motorised landboard years ago when at one of the Speed Weeks, it just felt all wrong to me, the pull coming from the board rather than from a kite up top. I guess that is just me. Still nice to see people are still mucking around with the cross bow. Have not had mine out for a long time, the Dirt Surfer gets most use these days, hmm who sold me that ... thanks @bakersdozen .


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35 minutes ago, Pari said:

You really need a plywood for the deck so you have more strength running in two directions. Good job on getting it together @Renato Borowski Filho

My board seems to be small, I still can't use straps because I'm taking the first steps and my foot ends up scraping the tires all the time because I don't have a fixed position, I'm thinking about making a bigger board, I'm thinking about 130cm. I'm putting the video on a new topic from my last training with a 7m NASA kite, these kites don't really help but also when using a correct kite I will be able to progress a lot.

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Straps are a must for any kind of traction, and you need to have a wide stance to have good balance, so find what stance feels right and work backwards from there, adding the diameter of the tires, to work out your board length.

I don't know anything about NASA kites. But it helps if you have a kite that allows a certain amount of going up wind, a kite that flies forward when you are tacking. You'd might be better off getting a decent traction kite either on a bar or handles but I can't say for sure as I've never flown a NASA kite.

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