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Snow kiting above Thredbo this weekend

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I plan to go up for a day this weekend (either Sat or Sun) snowkiting in the backcountry above Thredbo. Conditions are good at the moment re snow cover and wind forecast.

Anyone interested in a trip (you will need to hire alpine touring skis at JIndy or take your snowboard, because the launch site for kites is sometimes 1-2 klms from Top Station.

Give me a call on 0419469194 if you are interested in meeting up there. Best if you know how to ski or snowboard!



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would have liked to join you but i am all snowed out this year... how did it go?

Had a fantastic day. Not a cloud in the sky, blowing WSW 10-15 knots and covered about 40 klms of country towards Seaman's Hut and around that general area in the backcountry above Thredbo. The wind died a bit in the middle of the day which made it hard for my 4.5m kite, but until then totally enjoyed myself.

Met up with fellow kiter Pat and his other 7 mates from Sydney who were snow kiting and towing sleds full of beer, wine and spirits and food to camp at Seamans Hut overnight. No doubt headaches this morning!

Anyway the snow is melting fast, so unless they have another big dump (unlikely), yesterday might be my last trip till next year.


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