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zebra kites any good

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@ kneebuster ....Zebra kites are very very good.....

I bought a 2.5mt Z1 off BrisKites to replace my high wind kite that got wrecked (landed a jump on it) after many years of service.

The kite comes kite only in a good sized heavy duty stuff sack.

The bridles are covered and sewn...as in most high quality kites. The line used is top quality and thick which appears to me should withstand many a high wind session without stretching or breaking...

All bridles mounting points have load spreading reinforcements sewn in...

All cross vent holes have stitching around the circumference and reinforcing beside the holes to prevent tearing and maintain shape.

There are velcro dirt-outs on both wing tips to remove any sand/rubbish that get into the last three cells, which are closed, on each wing.

All seams look very even, neat and precise...with no loose ends found..

The bag....


the Bridle...


cross-vent reinforcing....


Load spreading bridle mounting points....




The black and white...


The colour....


The first time this kite was flown was in low wind at Yeppoon recently... My 12 year old daughter, who is a very good flier, was having so much fun with it and the kite looks sooo good that my wife who has never ...and did never... want to fly a kite...had her fist flight and then went on to teach her two friends, who had also never been near a kite, how to fly......I was a very happy camper.....

One of my wife's friends was so impressed with the way the kite flew she was instantly hooked and she got her husband to buy her her fist kite when we visited BrisKites on the way home...

The other friend is planning on one for christmas......


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I feel the real question is how do they stack up against other kites in that price range, ie Busters and Beamers, the RTF Checka is actually more expensive than a Buster, looks to be a higher AR, but maybe lacks the adjustable bridle.

Also I believe Ive heard the Z1 talked about as a race kite, or at least an entry level race kite, which to my mind puts it up against century's and crossfires.

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Pt 2 now I'm home from the grave-yard shift ..... :D .... (@ John.. hopefully will answer some of your Q's )......

Flying the kite static and In low wind 4-6 kts (in the morning at Yeppoon) the kite launched very easily, straight to top of the window and flew well when kept in the 20degree window on the day. When flown outside the window, by the beginners, the kite maintained shape well enough and long enough to instruct them to downturn and recover..with no tip collapse......

The kite turned well on main lines....

with a little brake input... precise, square corners, still with no tip collapse, maintaining good power through the turn..

Brakes work great.... for corners, stopping/slowing, reverse launches, It's one of the easiest kites to reverse fly I've flown so far... and looks good doing it.. (stays in shape)

I did get it out of the bag last week after being dragged all over a slippery wet oval in my buggy by my 12..... in some nasty, short, sharp, gusty stuff and it continued to impress.

In the very short, sharp, gusts....the lower aspect ratio of the Z1 and good sturdy bridle, along with it's profile, slowed the initial reaction to the gusts giving more time for brake input to stop flying out of the window.... very nicely.

When it did overfly the kite maintained shape well and was quite easy to recover with no bow-tying or bridle tangle experienced...

I was still getting dragged side-ways out of corners and when looping so power was not a problem but it was a little easier to use than the 12 and up-on-two, when I chose, was now possible.

The power delivery is smooth and predictable, the kite is very stable and friendly and I think in the size I bought ...perfect as a high wind buggy engine...Strong, stable and predictable....I like it very much.

In larger sizes, I think it would be a fantastic, stable, usable, everyday engine that would make really good power but wouldn't pop you out of the seat if you put it too high or behind....( too viciously. :P ) .....and are definitely on my wish-list.

If you had to compare the kite's flying characteristics to something (ie: Beamer, Flow, Hornet etc) how would it compare?

So to answer your question John....uhmmmm... Same..... but with a character of the country it was designed in.....

The Beamer I flew, I loved and for all the same reasons...but it was a 4mt so a little slower through the air due to size ....

The Hornet the same... it was a 5mt...so hard to compare back to back, but, same style of kite, just as friendly, similar power delivery and great product quality....and a joy to fly.

I haven't Flown a Flow yet (flown a flow :goofy: is it just me or does that sound wrong.. :D ) but from what I've seen of them flying and on the ground ...same same.... low aspect, stable and friendly.


as a high wind kite I would be a little concerned that the Flow has one less bridle row ( A+B+brakes ... no C) and larger cells with less attachment points so may experience faster bridle stretch and profile distortion under extreme conditions than the Zebra....

other than that...

Zebra's association with Libre is hard to mistake in the Z1 I bought.... quality, precision and style as found in all their products. I will be happily recommending one to any-one chasing a buggy engine.

For the price at this quality..... very hard to beat.

I started my kiting with and still own a Pansh or two ....so hold nothing against them.... ... owning both I can say with confidence ....a Zebra is not a re-branded Pansh .... Chalk and cheese ..imo.

(just realized ...Ace to Zebra... I've flown/owned the A to Z of kites.. :goplay::D )

Get one, try one, fly one.... ya won't regret it.... :drinks:


@ Brian.... ...stop feeling... it may be sunday but this aint church.... :punish2: ..Goz is on the money..the Z2 is the kite you may see in European race pics... and does quite well from what I've seen.

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Nice one, Andy. At $200 for a 4m (kite only) that might just make em bargain of the century! Speaking of Century's, it would be an interesting comparison with the Z2 which are still very keenly priced.

as a high wind kite I would be a little concerned that the Flow has one less bridle row ( A+B+brakes ... no C)
True, it does look a little light-on for bridles but I've flown my 3m in 20-25 knots a couple of times and it was really well behaved. More choice for us = :D


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True, it does look a little light-on for bridles but I've flown my 3m in 20-25 knots a couple of times and it was really well behaved. More choice for us = :D


32 -38 knts was the wind I remembered flying in .....when I went looking for a replacement high-wind kite ..

The construction method/type needed to keep the kite in shape after several (as many as available) abusive sessions in those conditions was high on my list of concerns....

Century verses Z2 would be a great combination to back to back.... or trying the Z2 by itself .... if it's anything like the Z1 but faster....I don't think there would be any disappointment...

The price is another nice point... that's for sure...

and totally agree on the more choice comment..... :D


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:D .... it only happened once, us flying with that wind-speed John.

Stu and I taking turns on a 2mt....3 passes of the oval steering as hard up-wind as possible saw us jammed up against the baseball back-stop mesh at the most down-wind part of the oval and having to walk the gear back..... was lotsa fun ....and a day to remember :D

So it was with memories of that day I went shopping..... I wanted to make sure the high wind kite I bought was set-up to suit that kind of punishment.... just in case... ;) ya never know ,we might get lucky ...

Peer pressure is a terrible thing .... and I hold Stu responsible for that day.....onya Stu.... :D


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Had a chance to fly the 2.5mt Z1 Zebra in some nasty gust winds on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday 18 knts gusting to 29knts

And Friday with Stu 15knts gusting to 26knts..

On Thursday I went home after a couple of hours flying (until it was too dark to see) with a huge smile on my face... the Zebra is certainly what I was looking for as a small high-wind weapon....

On Friday Stu and I flew the 2.5 Zebra back to back with a 2mt Legend, taking turns with both.

The legend was on the ground for 60% of the time, falling out of the sky bow-tied, tangled or just falling out when it shot straight out the wind window.

The Zebra on the other hand was extremely stable, producing good usable power, and stayed back off the edge of the window no matter how severe the gust was.

With the way the Zebra wouldn't fly out of the window I thought there may be trouble getting any up-wind performance out of it but was pleasantly surprised...The upwind performance was awesome.

The Zebra did fold a couple of times when hit with a down draft caused by the Dressing rooms next to one end of the oval. The tips folded together but then opened back up... re-inflated and flew on with very little fuss, the bridals never tangling.

The kite is as friendly as a Beamer in those conditions but seemed to react a little quicker and with a little more precision to input....I am very impressed and think I made the right choice with this kite...without a doubt.

some pics ...

Saftey First.... Stu and helmet... :D


and Zebra



Me looking for the pot-o-gold



didn't find...still broke... nice kite but.... :D


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Hey lofty these kites arn't know for jumping if thats what u want to do I'd look at something else u could ask Jason @ BrisKites as he would know more but as far as a cheap good starter into the race kite field then they are great value for money and there is a Z2 which is more toward the race end of the scale , don't get me wrong any kite will jump but some come down quicker than others and u also have the Z1 which is the entry level race for zebra all the best mick

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