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Types of Buggies ?


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Hi All,

Trying to find out ALL the different available buggies that are out there. If you guys can help out that would be great. I need to know the name and if possible the manufacturer....

So far on the list....

Peter Lynn Comp

Peter Lynn XR

Barracuda Adrenaline

Cameleon Iguana

Cameleon Iguana II

Cameleon Pogona

Drachenstore Performer


Libre Special

Libre VMax

Libre VMax Full Race

Parastorm Typhoon

Parastorm Typhoon II


XXRacer 2

Eolo Radsail Buggy

PL Big Foot


Libre Hardcore

Libre Dragster

Any I have missed ? Please post below...



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If you take a look here, this is what i'm trying to achieve when it comes to comprehensiveness of the buggies.


For now sure, not all of them will be this fully featured, but at the end of it I hope that all the buggies we have in there can feature this.

At this stage the lead sections are locked. If you have photos of any buggies not in there yet, please send them over to Joel.Theodore@Gmail.Com if possible, so I can add them to the section.



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Small update for everyone...

Take a look at the buggying section, it is growing :D


The amount of photos sent in to me has been awsome! People from the every day you and me, through to the UK's NO1 buggy pilot Simon Bailey have submitted photos to me via email. His has a photo of a combat in the background for those hanging out to see them ;) But you will have to go find it.... i'll give you a little hint.... Trickbitz ;)

Still alot more buggies to come, I have a number of files here i have to keep sorting through. I have put in the photo description on each page who has provided that photo as a thanks.

Alan Shrimplin is going to be away in France next weekend, with about 60 people going. He has offered to take some photos of buggies while he is down there, as there is expected to be a fair amount of people.

Happy viewing.



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We now have a heap of buggies and photos in there that should be enough to satisfy anyone's curiousity. I am aware there is a couple of buggies missing, just trying to get my hands on photos of them. But for now, the collection is nice and large. I hope to fill in the little holes over time.




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