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What RAM?


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Been on Crucial and it cant tell me as its a Ebay built machine, just wanna chuck some more RAM in it. these are the stats I have


Maximum Memory Capacity: 4096 MB

Currently Installed Memory: 1024 MB

Available Memory Slots: 1

Number of Banks: 2

Dual Channel Support: N.A.

CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel

CPU Family: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz Model 15, Stepping 13

CPU Speed: 1995 MHz

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Can't tell you much from that, crack the case open and see if there's a sticker on the stick of ram that's already in there detailing what it is, if not, the motherboard should have a brand name and model number written on it somewhere and the manufacturers site should have the type of ram required.

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You will be best opening the side to confirm what the report says.


From what it suggests there are 2 memory slots, one of them is occupied, with the maximum per slot being 2gb each.


If feeling brave, pop the current stick out and see what it says on it.

Things to look for would be either

DDR2-553 (667/800)


PC2-4200 (5300/6400)


Both of which mean the same thing, but a different way of writing it.

Get another 1gb of the same speed and your away.


Or, for the sake of 50 quid, get a 2x2gb kit, such as

Crucial PN: CT2KIT25664AA667


And replace the lot :)

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To Answer MadAndy


Any 32bit OS (XP or Vista) can only reference 4gb of memory in total, including your graphics card and anything else with memory to use.


So stick 4gb in XP, and you will get somewhere between 3-3.5 usable by the operating system.


I'd say doubling your current 1.5 would be worth it. Systems seem to run a bit better having 2 sticks the same size installed, especally if the motherboard is able to run in dual channel memory mode (able to access both banks at the same time, rather than just one)

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I would personally exceed the 4gb (I did on my xp32bit) running dual channel should in theory be faster than leaving an empty slot and mix n matching ram


My Pc was much faster running 4gb on XP than the 2gb before hand, likewise now on 64bit I have a machine with 4gbram and another with 6gb ram - although only a very select amount of applications are attemping to utalise all my ram

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Better off with G Skill - well worth it, comparitively cheap and excellent value:






Make sure you choose the correct type though! Find the details for the motherboard and with that info. look up online as to which type. As someone has mentioned most likely to be DDR2 SDRAM :)

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