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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone doing this? I've made up a picavet mount for the GoPro which will take photos every 2,5,10,30 seconds but haven't managed to use it yet. I have had the gopro under the wing of a motor glider with some success, but of course every time I bank/turn it, I get shots of the neighbors paddock. Of which I have A LOT. But it seems a bit hit and miss. I like the idea of putting a kite up, attaching camera and then letting out the line to position the camera in the right spot. Found a good vid:
  2. My computer has been going flat chat this week churning through gigs of photos for my latest pet project. The Time Lapse. I've messed around with it in the past but the last couple of weeks I've got really stuck into it putting together a series of time lapse sequences on and around home. Probably explains why I've been a little more quiet than usual on the forum too. The time lapses that I've been taking usually consist of finding something 'photo worthy' with some movement involved and setting the camera on my telescope tripod (it's usually pretty windy and the normal camera tripod is not up to the job) and configuring the camera for 300 - 500 shots with intervals of 3 - 6 seconds during the day and 25 seconds at night. Once I've got my shots they're imported into Adobe Lightroom where I can make adjustments to one photo and sync all the adjustments to the others, then export them back to a folder - the export of several hundred photos can take the software close to an hour to do. From there they're imported to Panolapse so I can add a little motion and set the frame rate to 25fps so I end up with a 10 - 20 second clip. Then they're imported into my video editor (which also has to be set for 25fps otherwise things start getting jumpy) and the clips are organized and put together. It's turning out to be a pretty time consuming process but I'm finding it fascinating. Some of the stuff I've seen on the internet is unbelievably good and while my stuff is not shaping up anything like that, I'm enjoying it non the less and it should give a nice look around my property and surrounding hills. Animals look pretty funny when shot in time lapse and I've got a few sequences that have turned out good. Stars are also a good subject picking up aeroplanes and satellites. For night time stuff I shoot in RAW format with the ISO set to 3200 and a 20 second exposure with a wide angle lens. There's a lot of post image manipulation and noise reduction to get the images smooth but it's something that I cannot do with a video camera. Here's a sneak at one of the night sequences. This is on a normal camera tripod in a bit of wind and you can occasionally see a bit of shakiness. I should be close to finishing the project later this week and I'll post it here.
  3. About 10,000 photographs later....... The photos are either taken from my place or the top of my neighbor's hill behind my place which has stunning 360 views. If you've got the bandwidth, stick it on full screen and 1080. There was no panning or zooming done mechanically - all the motion is done via Panolapse.
  4. What is a 'Hyperlapse'? It's a time lapse photography technique. Instead of the camera remaining stationary or moving a very small distance on a dolly or track, in a Hyperlapse, the camera can be moved in any direction or distance. The trick seems to be keeping one point of reference precisely lined up in all the individual photographs and keeping the distance the camera is moved between shots the same. Large f-stop values to keep the shutter speeds slow to give a little blur to people and vehicles also seems to be the norm. All the photographs are imported into a suitable software editor to create a video - some software even has a function that can identify one point of reference in all the individual photos and stabilize the video to that point to eliminate any jerkiness of the camera between shots. There are some fascinating and beautiful examples of Hyperlapse on youtube/vimeo and some great time lapse videos too. I particularly like the day to night and aurora vids.
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