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  1. 2 downloads

    Bridle plan and line check for the 2016 12m Pansh Blaze III snowkite. Pansh don't release their design lengths for the bridle lines so these are as measured by me on a brand new (un-flown) kite. Given the price of a Pansh kite it's understandable that their factory QC isn't fantastic and I've found that the lengths of the various bridle elements vary a bit between the left and right sides of the kite. The lengths I've given are the mean of L & R so shouldn't vary too much from design. The lengths I've given exclude the ridiculous little piece of string that the Pansh factory
  2. 1 download

    Bridle plan and line check for the 2019 8m Pansh Blaze III snowkite. Pansh don't release their design lengths for the bridle lines so these are as measured by me on a brand new (un-flown) kite. Given the price of a Pansh kite it's understandable that their factory QC isn't fantastic and I've found that the lengths of the various bridle elements vary a bit between the left and right sides of the kite. The lengths I've given are the mean of L & R so shouldn't vary too much from design. The lengths I've given exclude the ridiculous little piece of string that the Pansh factory
  3. Looking at Pansh's line-up, they offer kites at a very affordable price. Which of the models are worth getting? I was thinking about getting a larger kite for the low end winds and a 8 or 10 m for higher winds. Are the modifications necessary to enable them to fly well difficult to do?
  4. 4.0M Red (Pre-Production) $40 (SOLD) Pickup from Richmond, Victoria or post at buyer's expense.
  5. Today, I have received my order and duty-free! I still have not been able to go to the beach to try. Delivery time has been a bit bigger because a failure of the spanish postal company, they sent my package to another city by mistake. Today I only had time to open the package. Maybe tomorrow I will can expand information
  6. Pansh A15 15M For Sale (SOLD) Comes complete w/ Core Kiteboarding Bar & Lines $500 + Post. Payment via Direct Deposit, Paypal or Credit Card. Link to my review: http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/kites/pansh-a15-r33/ More Information: http://www.panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_search_list.dwt&gcat=152 This kite has been flown only a handful of times, if you're looking for an affordable, large, low-wind closed cell kite this is it
  7. Complete kite with bar, lines leash and carry sack. Has been flown a dozen times and is in excellent condition. Great low wind kite and heaps of fun on the land board, big floaty jumps and landings, good up wind riding. $500 ono + postage Payment with Paypal, bank deposit and of course good old cash.
  8. Hi guys, Anyone here with a 12m PANSH Aurora? The one more recent before the A15 came out, and not the Aurora II I don't know why but suddenly I am having problems flying this thing. It just stalls and ends up doing a bow-tie every time I try and launch it. The bar's lines are all even and properly adjusted. I've checked it twice The bridles are the issue, but I am not sure how to check them for sure if there are no line plans. So I am relying on someone's kindness and time to yeah... make a bridle line plan, based from a working Aurora. When I launch the kit
  9. Lately Pansh have been increasing their range and now it looks like they're going full circle and updating some of their aging models. Recently the Ace had an update and I was interested in seeing how it had improved over the original model I had purchased back in 2007. Today I had my first hands on look and fly of the new Pansh Ace II, this is the last Prototype model right before they went in to production around a month ago. The quality has improved vastly however still with some questions. Overall the kite feels quite powerful for it's size, the bridles have been upgraded from the ori
  10. Yep, pansh are having a 50% off all in stock products until Christmas. Excellent opportunity for anyone who has been thinking about giving a pansh kite a test. http://www.panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=article_details.dwt&articleid=123
  11. 5m and 7.4m pansh sprints for sale. $100 each or get both for $150. Free postage in Australia. the sprint is pansh's fixed bridle race kite. They are not as refined as the vapors, but they are fast and would be good for someone wanting to try a race kite without paying a fortune. Comes as kite only.
  12. Pansh have released an update to the Blaze series with the Blaze IIIs except this time it's a full depower kite out of the bag with 5th line safety. 30+ more photos in the Gallery: Kite Flatplan & Dimensions More information: http://www.panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=386
  13. Guillaume Booissonneault

    Pansh A-15

    From the album: Pansh A-15

    Pansh A-15 Custom Colours
  14. Pansh Sprint 2.3m to 5m Background The Pansh Sprint has been a long time in development but it has been worth the wait. I've been involved with the Sprint since the early prototypes and charted the effort that has gone into refining the profile, features and materials used in the production of the kite. The production version is available in a whole range of sizes from 1.9m up to 12.5m. Only a couple of sizes are missing from the range at the time of writing. I have the 5m, 4m, 3.3m and 2.3m. Now that I have had a chance to fly them all I feel that the time is right to make some co
  15. HI everyone, I am seriously thinking of order the Pansh Aurora 15m or 12m (not sure at this stage). I want it to be basically a poor-man's Flysurfer Speed 2 (or 3?) alternative, for both kitesurfing and landkiting. I simply cannot afford local prices for a new Flysurfer Speed 3 or 4, or even a HQ Matrixx II (and only Briskites have them I believe). However, this video is exactly why I want one ... to do floaty jumps and use the kite also on water kite surfing. I am not into special tricks or mega loops, etc. Just freestyle. So, I was wondering if anyone here could kindly tell me how best t
  16. Sold: 12m pansh aurora (kite only) $280. Free postage within Australia. The kite is in perfect condition and has only been flown about 3 or 4 hours. it is the latest updated model, with plastic pulleys and upgraded bridle line that runs through the pulleys. i originally bought the kite purely out of curiosity to see how it compared to my 12m speed 3 and I was very surprised at just how close the comparison was. And im only selling now, because I don't need two 12m kites that perform almost the same.
  17. Ozone Chrono vs Pansh Aurora Photo Credit: Young Jeremy
  18. Well, when I first heard of Pansh, this cheap kite company from China, that sold dirt cheap kites I imagined them to be like some paper bag kites you see on Ebay.I had help set a cheap n nasty kite at the local flying site, someone was trying to work out ,...and it was terrible !, when I flew it , it was like it was on elastic bands,and the kite looked like it was going to fall in pieces. So thats what my pre-conceived ideas were based on ...another cheap and nasty kite. Don't know why I swapped my Liquid Force Flight 9.5 LEI for them ,but I did, a 3mtr and a 4.5mtr ,still crispy ,like ne
  19. Alright, I had to add another voice into the conversation because of all of the helpful advice I've received here on racekites.com I'm a beginner into the sport, and based out of the US, so there aren't many local kite stores I can stroll into and get help from. I have owned and flown a Prism Stylus p.2 for about a year now, and having enjoyed that I wanted something bigger with more thrill. There have been many reviews here which describe how the Pansh kite arrives. In about 6 business days, in a plain brown box, with no instructions and no kite killers. That's my experience as well
  20. RaceKites

    Pansh Ace 3.5m

    Before you read my review, please consider that i have never written a kite review before, i have only flown 3 different kites, and the newbie bias is most likely present!! As a newbie to kiting, I did some research and found the Pansh brand to be the cheapest option available. Albeit, not the best, but its value surpasses many other brands. I have flown numerous kites, however, i only own a pansh ace 3.5m. Set up: When the kite arrived, i was very disappointed with the lack of instructions, especially since i have never set up a kite before, it was a real hassle. Luckily, i was ab
  21. At present I have a 7m and my son has the 5m and both of them we are pleased with. Now as for describing what they are like there are two ways. 1. Comparing with something like Flexifoil or Ozone 2. value for money and personal enjoyment As for 1 there is no comparison Pansh are not in that class of kiting (there that was easy) Value for money I don't think they can be beaten, online ordering and delivery is excellent both our kite only took 3 days from china via DHL or TNT (I found it quite interesting tracking in around the world with online tracking... but then I'm sad).
  22. I'm a complete noob to power or traction kiting and I was getting impatient about not being able to fly the other kite I've got, so after reading all the reviews of Pansh kites and asking a couple of questions the 2m Legend seemed a reasonably cheap way to add to my quiver. Thye kite was sent through FedEx and it was quick getting here, there were no problems with customs. Opening the pack it seemed pretty sparse, a small stuff sack, a set of lines and the handles, no instructions, pictures or anything else. It is a good job this is something that is well known, and that you can find a va
  23. clarkee

    Pansh Sprint 5.0M

    I was lucky enough to have a go of the Pansh Sprint 5.0 pass the Pansh UK. So first impressions:- Well the wife's 'Looks like a workman's hi vis jacket' well what do they know. My first impressions were it's very long and thin (Aspect ratio 5.3) and for a 5m kite it's got a lots of cells (41 in total). The material is a nice soft material, not as soft as my Brooza II's but not as hard and crispy as my Brooza I. It's got Velcro dirt outs at the tips with double stitched reinforced trailing edge and cell openings. All the main bridal attachment points are sewn into the bridal with the brake brid
  24. Legend 3- first 30 hours- I bought this kite to learn to kiteboard. I decided I would put 30 hours in with it and get in the water- skipping instruction. Of course, I am writing from my hospital bed- just kidding. What actually happened, and this probably has some positive reflection on the product, is I developed an interest in powerkiting and bought an Ace 5. Anyway, how it flys. I can only compare it to the Ace. But it flys very well. Controls are very stable and flys with brakes very nicely. It isn't lifty like the Ace, but it is pretty well mannered in big wind. Once I get my
  25. Having been on a 3 day kite surfing course, which resulted in foil kite flying on the third day due to low winds, I realised how much fun power kites are and decided to take a look online at them more. Having seen various kites with high prices tags I was shocked and amazed to see a set of two by Pansh for £105 so I ordered the set which includes the Legend 3m & Ace 5m The delivery with DHL was fast (4 days from China) and the package arrived in good shape, but needless to say when they arrived yesterday I was desperate to take them out for a test fly The kites were
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