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    I personally have been downhilling on mountain boads for a year or so now and i have been through 2 boards already and am on my third. I started off on a 50 pound Kheo Bazik in 2004 and in summer 2005 i advanced onto a Sol 16 with NoSno soft bindings. I liked the pop of the boad and i improved much quicker.
    But after Christmas 2006 i decided to take the plunge and buy a Comp 16 Pro. 150 squids later i was the pround owner of a second hand 2004 comp 16 with a few of the finer trimming missing but the main parts still there. Now came the metamorphosis this review is all about. I chose to combine the best features from both of my boards (I still had the Sol 16) and make my 'ultimate' board.

    Its stats are:
    Comp 16 Pro (2004) deck
    MBS quadshocks trucks
    Trispoke hubs
    NoSno soft bindings
    Red T1 tyres

    The first major obstacle when building a mountain board is to dissassemble the boardswithout stripping any heads. My tips for avoiding that circumstance are to a) go slowly and B) push down hard to avoid it stripping the head. After that the only other obstacle is drilling holes for the new trucks. This is actually very easy if you take apart the trucks you want to drill holes for and use the baseplate as a template for the drilling. Make sure you clamp a piece of wood to the bottom of the board to stop it splintering when the drill comes through.
    After you have done all of this final assembly is easy. The only major part for me was the bolts needed to attach the bindings to the comp 16 as they needed to be a different type due to the inserts MBS supplies. The scresw cost about 90p from a DIY shop.

    Well for me this board is close to the ultimate setup for downhilling for me. The Trispoke hubs are stronger than rockstars even though they are heavier in my opinion they perform much better. The red T1's are light, grippy and very good looking and for me they are the best tyres on the market.
    NoSno soft bindings are amazing i would reckomend them to anyone with any board. They are like F3's without any chance of your feet coming out and the ability to have snowboard like control without having to wear snowboard shoes is very liberating. They also help you get higher for freestyle as the board seems to stick to your feet better so all energy goes up rather than in shifting your feet around. I have never had a foot slip out with these bindings!
    The trucks i chose are lighter than matrixes and so i chose them instead and in my opinion they perform better and for freestyle they help alot.
    As a whole this board is a beast, it munches through freestyle and while it wont go in as many places as 10inchers can go it will go over some pretty bumpy stuff. I have taken it to over 20miles per hour and no sign of wobble and i think it has the potential to go much faster.

    In short i would reckomend building your own board from bits for any one who like me finds board on the market good, but not good enough or someone who is just looking for a bit of a challenge. Go forth and create!!


    By : jackass

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