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    MBS Sol 16 Landboard

    My main aim of getting this board was to kite-board but i often use it for freestyle riding and a bit of mucking around.

    Now where to start... The board arrived a week after i ordered it from http://www.atbsports.co.uk with a free leash (safety device) and eggshocks (makes the suspension sweet).

    Assembly of the board was realtively easy. Step 1:fit bindings, step 2:attach wheels step 3: attach top hats and put in suspension springs and eggshocks. EASY. Before you go out its best to tighten everything up apart from the wheels too much as u may damage the bearing covers!!

    My first ride without the kite was a bit daunting with the bindings etc but i got on fine and i was turning and going alond nicely REMEMBER SAFETY GEAR. The performance of the board is excellent and it is rather light. The bearing u get with it are top class which makes for a great ride and the 8 inch tyers help to give a smooth ride over obstacles. The suspension is also great and can be adjusted to aid turning or to stop speed wobbles.

    Now onto using it with me kite... The kite i use for boarding is a 4m blade by flexifoil which is a great allround kite but not so good for competition buggying. My 1st attempt was what you could say rather interesting as i didn't really know what to do. But me being me everything went great and i was going up and down the field for around 10m at a time and then going back the other way. The board handled the terrain perfectly. Afer a few days of riding i was able to get upwind easily enough etc and the board was comfortable on the feet and easy enough to get off of in case i need to bail!

    The board has performed at a great level since i got it before christmas and the only problem i've had is with the grip tape. It wears away rather quickly but as long as its dry u dont slide out. Im very pleased with my board and i've not had many problems with it. I believe its been a good investment although u can get a new buggy for cheaper. if you need more info u can e-mail me and here's a few good sites to visit. http://www.maxtrack.com/ these guys make me board http://www.atbsports.co.uk the place i got me board from and they have loads a info on board and a great message board.

    to end it all this is a great board that will soon a beginner up to near expert level

    By : Mabster Balmain

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