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  • Tom1600949551

    Kheo Flyer

    This board is ideal for learning both downhill and kiting. When downhilling it is a nice and stable board for learning on and does not get speed wobble until you are riding quite fast, a lot faster than on an Air-S for instance.

    The board feels strong underfoot and has enough flex to smooth out small bumps. When you start to want to jump, the board is evenly weighted so is quite easy to land, but more than just straight jumps are quite tricky as it is a relatively heavy board (approx 10kg).

    As for kiting, again the Flyer is a good board to learn on, it is nice and stable and turns easily. The tyres are small (8 inch) so it does need very hard sand, or grass to get the most out of the board. With kiteboarding it is much harder to get speed wobble, and it is a lot easier to control when it happens, but the Flyer can still get small amounts of wobble at high speed, especially on rougher terrain, eg beach with ripples or rough grass.

    For jumping I find the board too heavy in the air as it is hard to manouver, and with kiting this is quite important as you will rarely (read never!) land going in the same direction as take off, although I have had some large jumps with the flyer, just spot that landing carefully!

    Overall this board is an ideal beginners board, and a lot of people will never out-grow it but if air or very high speeds are what you are looking for, try somewhere else. An excellent all round board.

    By : Tom

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