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    Radsail Pro 4M

    I have been kiting for around a year now, started off with a 2 stacked flexifoil super 10's. Figured its time to go 4-Line, initially I was looking at a Rage 4.7 / Blade 4.9 but one day while flying at the beach came accros a guy flying a Radsail Pro 6m, impressed with what I saw I decided to try one out, at the price that they go for I would have been stupid not to,decided on the 4m as its my 1st 4line. I am about 1.8m tall 88 kilograms so figured i could hold it.

    Weather sucked the weekend I got it, so the initial inspection was on the lounge floor. I was impressed with the kite itself, considering its price, even comparing it to my flexifoils. The bag is perfect for its purpose, not that high quality but I bought a kite not a bag so I was happy with it. It fits the kite in and the handles with ease. The lines looked rather thin and cheap though, which was my only real worry, I believe they are 158kg/60kg. Handles seemed decent enough, although I cannot compare as I havent used any other. One thing which really impressed me was the caps that you place on the ends of handles which are used as the winder - brilliant idea - the handles themselves become the winder so there is no disconnecting any lines.

    Maiden voyage:
    Took it to the local beach - wind was great many kitesurfers out maybe a bit too strong for a maiden voyage but there was no way in hell I was going to wait.

    The handle winder system made setting up really easy, was ready to go within 2 or 3 minutes. Picked up the handles, lines became taught and kite took its shape without taking flight, a gentle pull on the control lines saw the kite lift into the zenith in all its glory - a very decent pull sent me scudding allong the beach a few metres. With the kite above me could feel it tring to lift me off the ground, I "tried" a pedulum jump, having the kite take me a good few meters after a few tries.Braught the kite into the power zone saw me scudding like mad. What amazed me was the stability of the kite, I could bring the kite to corner of the window, very low and just walk the kite a bit while I gave my wrists a break, the brakes work well to. The lines which I was initially worried about are working well after a few flights, I think I was comparing to my flexi lines which is a bit unfair.

    Over all I am very impressed, would reccomend it to anyone.

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