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  • Andrew1600949555

    PKD Buster I

    Ok Where to start like the guide says build quality!! the kit it's self I can say I have no complaints about. I have owned this kite for over a year now and all I've needed to do was replace the line's which I did end of winter last year to Ozone. I only did this because the origanals where starting to furr up and did'nt want them to break.


    I live in the north east of scotland so most of the time the wind blows and blows hard.
    I fly both inland and on the cost and I can say most of the time the kite never complains. like any kite it prefers clean wind but it will handle gusts and as it dose not have a huge amount of lift no nasty suprise's. I'm not saying you can't jump with this kite you can if you fly it inthe right wind. It will also pull you along the ground and give you a really good work out. If you fly this kite it will pull like a train and keep you grining.

    What I think for what its worth!!

    I would recomend this kite to all as it is not going to cost you a arm and a leg, you can start to learn the basic's of flying and four line kite. If you want to start board or buggy you can with it. My advise would be change the lines when they start to ware and enjoy flying.

    Fly safe and have fun


    By : Andrew

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