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    Peter Lynn Pepper

    As a complete an utter beginner this review may be of some help to people thinking about starting up kiting because i know Racekites was a great help to me when i was looking into starting power kiting.

    My experience so far consists of two outings with my kite both of which were quite eventful!!!

    The Kite
    I bought the kite from a shop in leicstershire via the internet and phone. The guy that i spoke to was a real help he advised me that a Peter Lynn pepper was a good starter kite and what i needed to get going. He also offered to tie the foil to the lines for me to save hassle of which i accepted of course. The kite came the very next day complete with a set of flexifoil kite killers and a ground stake. The kite comes in a white sack (Best way to describe it!) which i know from other reviews people haven't been complimentary about but at the end of the day you can put this in your pocket whilst kiting. The foil seems to be well made, i have no issues with it but then again this is my first kite so i have nothing to compare it too. It is very handy that the lines are colour co-ordinated ie brake lines red, power lines grey. I read on this web sites that not all kites come with this and believe me when you are in a tangle it helps no end.

    My Experiences
    Right, my first outing with my kite... i roped the mrs into coming along to watch and help. After untangling lines for around 10 mins i was off. I launched the kite and up it flew to the zenith. The wind was blustery and unpredictable but i was oblivious as i was having a blast just getting dragged along by the kites power. About an hour in i dropped the kite down into the power area of the wind window as i had been doing and a gust of wind took me off my feet and flying forwards. Of course because you are hanging on to the lines and being dragged along you do not have hands to put down in front of you and hence my face was the first thing to hit the ground. Ouch. My life flashed in front of my eyes, i was waiting for the pain to kick in as it really should have hurt but luckily it never did. With a broken neck narrowly averted i lye on the grass gathering myself. My girlfriend then alerted me to the fact that a landboarder was just about to run over my kite. Without thinking i pulled the line to try and get it out of the way and my kite was off again flying up and completely wiping out the land boarder in my lines. (If you're reading this i am sorry!!!). Luckily the guy was a nice bloke and let me off (Probably because i had just picked my self up off the floor from the original accident!)

    Dont let this put you off Power Kiting because my experience of the sport so far has been great fun and exhilarating.

    By : Tallpaul23

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    Hi Paul: Really brings back memories of some of my first outings with a Best trainer kite, half the size of what you're flying. Best says not to go out in winds over 10 knots with the kite. Did we listen? Not on your life. My friend and I were dragged all over the place getting scrapped knees and elbows and painful bruises in other places. As a beginner you have this death grip on the kite. Rather than letting go and sparing yourself a mauling, you hang on for dear life. Just let go! I fly a 10m. Peter Lynn Venom now with MBS comp pro board. The bigger 4-line kites are more stable and depowerable than the smaller ones. Once you know how to fly the kite, standing on the board and getting going is a piece of cake. Great fun.

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